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‎Russian‬ Aggression in Eastern Europe: Where Does ‪Putin‬ Go Next After ‪Ukraine‬, ‪Georgia‬, and ‪Moldova‬?
March 4, 2015

Ukraine needs military help from abroad in terms of weapons, training, and finances to help sustain its government and economy in the face of Russian aggression. At a conference of the Potomac Institute, US analysts and Ukrainian military leaders reported that the Ukrainian military continues to be severely disadvantaged by not being equipped with a list of the items that are becoming well known to those watching the current situation in eastern Ukraine: secure communications systems; anti-tank guided weapons with tandem warheads; counter-battery radars; UAVs for both reconnaissance and strike missions; and the ability to stream multiple intelligence sources into centralized command centers to get inside the 'decision loop' of the Russian-backed forces.i

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Conference: Iran: Beyond The Nuclear
March 10, 2015

Missile Defenses and American Security
February 26, 2015

Speech by AFPC Senior Fellow for Russia Stephen Blank before the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars regarding Russia's new National Security Doctrine.
February 6, 2015

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AFPC Vice President Ilan Berman interviewed by regarding Israeli, Gulf attitudes toward Iran.
March 5, 2015

AFPC Vice President Ilan Berman interviewed by regarding China’s activities in Latin America.
March 3, 2015

AFPC Senior fellow for Europe E. Wayne Merry quoted in the Economist on strategic stakes in the Aegean
February 28, 2015