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CONFERENCE SUMMARY -- U.S. Policy Toward Russia: Charting A Way Forward
Conferences - April 1, 2009

On February 9, 2009, the American Foreign Policy Council convened a Capitol Hill conference on U.S. policy toward Russia. The high-profile event featured presentations by AFPC President Herman Pirchner, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, former Undersecretary of State for Arms Control Stephen Rademaker, U.S. Army War College Professor Stephen Blank, and AFPC Senior Associate E. Wayne Merry.

AFPC Hosts Russian Author in Washington
Other Events - February 3, 2009

On Tuesday February 3, AFPC hosted a small working luncheon with Mr. Victor Suvorov. Suvorov, a former Soviet army officer who served in military intelligence, defected in 1978 to the United Kingdom. He is the author of eighteen books that have been translated into more than twenty languages. His better known works included: Inside the Aquarium: the Making of a Top Soviet Spy and Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?

Pirchner on Russian-Chinese Relations
Other Events - January 15, 2009

The Fall 2008 issue of Demokratizatsiya, the scholarly journal of post-Soviet democratization, carried AFPC President Herman Pirchner”s 14 page article, “The Uncertain Future Sino-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century”.

Ninth Annual Ukraine Roundtable a Success
Conferences - January 15, 2009

On October 15 and 16, 2008, the annual roundtable series titled Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood was held at the Library of Congress, also the event’s principal sponsor. AFPC is a longtime partner and co-sponsor of the series, and as a member of the event’s Steering Committee, AFPC’s Jeff Smith worked with the conference organizer, Center for US-Ukrainian Relations founder Walter Zaryckj, to plan and coordinate the two-day event.

Ilan Berman on the Voice of America
Media Appearances - September 1, 2008

On September 1, 2008, AFPC Vice President for Policy Ilan Berman was interviewed on the Voice of America's Russian-language "Talk To America" program regarding the Western response to the Russian-Georgian conflict, and the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

Herman Pirchner on the RadioAmerica Network
Media Appearances - August 13, 2008

On August 13, 2008, AFPC President Herman Pirchner was interviewed on the RadioAmerica Network's "G. Gordon Liddy Show" regarding the current conflict between Russia and Georgia over South Ossetia.

AFPC Hosts Russian Duma Deputy in Washington
Delegations - March 20, 2008

AFPC hosted the Washington visit of Russian State Duma member Ilya Ponomarev March 16-20, 2008.

Speaker Newt Gingrich Leads AFPC Delegation To Moscow And St. Petersburg
Delegations - July 10, 2007

From July 2-9, 2007, former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich led an American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC)-sponsored delegation to Russia. The Moscow meetings took place immediately following the Bush-Putin summit in Maine, which attempted to improve what has become a very difficult and contentious relationship.

AFPC Delegation Reports From Siberia
Delegations - July 1, 2007

From June 16 through June 29, 2007, AFPC President Herman Pirchner, Jr. led a fact-finding delegation to Siberia to examine the Russo-Sino relationship. The group visited numerous cities along the Russia-China border including Irkutsk, Chita, Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.

Pirchner Speaks Before Russian Public Chamber
Other Events - March 1, 2007

AFPC President Herman Pirchner traveled to Moscow in February 2007 to witness and briefly speak before a meeting of Russia’s Public Chamber. The Public Chamber is a new institution in Russia - a national body created by statue which advises the legislature (State Duma) and President on relevant legislation and monitors the implementation of new laws. The Chamber, whose members serve for unpaid, two-year terms, is composed of respected Russian professionals and academics with no ties to political parties.