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AFPC Hosts Ex-KGB Officials at Washington Luncheon
Other Events - October 29, 1998

It was a rare sight: senior officials from the Soviet security services discussing the future of Russia with ey U.S. Congressional staff members and policy makers.

AFPC Hosts Luncheon to Discuss Fact-Finding Trip to Russia
Other Events - October 4, 1998

AFPC hosted the House International Relations Committee’s top Russia specialists to discuss their recent fact-finding trip in Russia.

AFPC Hosts Duma Delegation in DC
Delegations - May 30, 1998

As part of our ongoing involvement with the formal exchange between the U.S. Congress and the Russian Duma, AFPC hosted a dinner for the latest delegation of Duma members on May 19.

AFPC Launches Russian Parliament Exchange Program
News - May 1, 1993

While Russia faces uncertainty with its people engaged in astruggle for democracy, the American Foreign Policy Council has launched the Russian Parliament Exchange Program.  The program was established in May of last year at the request of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Russian parliament.

AFPC Hosts Dinner With Mr. Andrei Kolosovsky Charge d’Affaires of the Russian Embassy
Other Events - December 27, 1992

Last December, Mr. Andrei Kolosovsky, Charge d’Affaires of the Russian Embassy, was the guest of honor at an AFPC-sponsored dinner in Washington, D.C

AFPC Sponsors U.S. Delegation to Moscow
Delegations - September 28, 1992

In late September, 1992, AFPC sponsored a trip for senior policy analysts to Russia.  The delegation sought to achieve a deeper understanding of the difficult and complicated circumstances there.  The purpose of the trip was to study the economic, political and social situation in the country through a number of channels including meetings with Parliamentary leaders, government officials, journalists, business executives and others, and through general exposure to life in Moscow and its environs.

AFPC Sends High Level Delegation to Moscow
Delegations - December 5, 1991

In the midst of last August’s coup, American policy makers and analysts were perplexed at the events taking place in the Soviet Union.  And while the coup failed, it demonstrated that many specialists inside and outside of government were lacking in critical information and of an informed perspective of events there. In order to ensure that American officials remain informed of events in the former Soviet Union, the American Foreign Policy Council arranged for a senior U.S. delegation to meet with top officials in the Soviet and Russian governments from November 24 to December 1, 1991. 

Yeltsin Advisors Speak at AFPC Luncheon
Delegations - November 13, 1991

Key staffers from several U.S. Congressional and Senate offices received a unique opportunity recently to hear about the complex nature of reform in the Russian Republic—from the inside.  Mr. Vladimir O. Ispravnikov, a close advisor to Russian President Boris Yeltsin on economic reform and other issues, spoke to staffers as part of AFPC’s Congressional Foreign Study Project.  Mr. Gennady M. Gorchakov, another Yeltsin advisor as well as a member of both the Supreme Soviet of Russia and the Supreme Economic Council of Russia, accompanied Ispravnikov and also addressed the group.  Mr. Robert Reilly, a senior Editor at the Voice of America, introduced the speakers.

Top Russian Diplomat is AFPC Guest
Delegations - October 15, 1991

Mr. Andrei Kolosovsky, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Russian Embassy in Washington, was AFPC’s distinguished guest at a luncheon held in October.  The luncheon was another facet of AFPC’s Congressional Foreign Study Project and was attended by top staff members of the legislative branch.

AFPC Sponsors Russian Delegation – “Trust Deeds Not Words”
Delegations - September 1, 1991

Russian Foreign Minister Andrey Kozyrev was the American Foreign Policy Council’s distinguished guest at a reception on April 21, 1991, in Washington, D.C.  The visit is a component of the American Foreign Policy Council’s ongoing effort to bring together prominent officials from both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. to discuss issues of mutual interest.