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Peaceful Road to Democracy Conference in Prague

Sponsored by American Foreign Policy Council and Center For Democra
March 1, 1990

Commencing on the 4th of July, Resistance International, along with co-sponsors American Foreign Policy Council and the Center For Democracy in the USSR, will conduct a three-day conference to be held in Prague, Czechoslovakia.  Under the guidance of Albert Jolis, The Peaceful Road to Democracy conference will involve democratic leaders from the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and the West.

 Initiated at the request of President Havel and in coordination with his group Charter 77, this project will involve a consolidated effort to tackle the most crucial issues facing the democracy movement in Eastern Europe and the USSR.  This dynamic group of democracy activists plans to enlist their respective experiences from their individual countries to envision and realize a coordinated effort to further the gains of freedom and self-determination. The acknowledgement that the gains of Eastern Europe will never be secure until the Soviet people themselves are free has ossified the determination of these leaders to assist the democratic opposition within the USSR.

 The Peaceful Road to Democracy conference will allow face to face meetings of these individual leaders that are determined to develop a united strategy and to strengthen the coalition of newly freed countries.  Each East European and Soviet organization receiving an invitation to the conferences subscribes to the democratic charter signed in Paris in May 1989.  The principles contained therein include:  self-determination, a free market economy democratic institutions and non-violent methods.  This will be the first major symposium in Eastern Europe to appreciate the powerful forces of a regionally united movement. 

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