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"China in Africa" Policy Brief Published

August 17, 2008

In early July, AFPC Fellow in Asia Studies Joshua Eisenman and former US Ambassador to Ethiopia David Shinn published an AFPC Policy Paper titled “Responding to China in Africa.” The twelve-page report, which has been distributed widely on Capitol Hill and within the Administration, serves as a predecessor and a summary to their book which is to be published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2009.

The study, based on more than a year of travel, research, and writing, focuses on China’s diplomatic outreach to Africa, the People’s Liberation Army’s activities on the continent, the growth of the Chinese diaspora in Africa, and China’s drive to have the few African states that recognized Taiwan derecognize the island’s government. Their book will be the definitive work to date on the subject.

Please click below to download a PDF of the report.