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AFPC Defense Dossier
  • Speaking in AFPC’s conference room, General Ihor Smeshko briefs staff and fellows on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine

  • Madame Tao Kaiyuan (center), Vice President of China’s Supreme Court, poses with AFPC guests after a dinner in the historic Dolley Madison House

  • AFPC Director of Defense Technology Program Richard Harrison addresses a packed room full of Congressional staff at part one of a five-part cybersecurity briefing series.

  • AFPC Senior Fellow for Russia Dr. Stephen Blank briefs the U.S. Helsinki Commission on Moldova in May 2014.

  • Vice President Ilan Berman kicks off AFPC’s March 10, 2015 Capitol Hill conference on the subject of Iranian ideology.

  • The American Foreign Policy Council’s World Almanac of Islamism is the definitive reference work on Islamist activity worldwide.

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If North Korea Got The Bomb, Iran Will Too
By James S. Robbins
U.S. News & World Report
July 7, 2015

If North Korea could develop and test a nuclear weapon, even under a stringent arms control regime, why can't Iran also build a bomb under a far less ample nuclear deal? 

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