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The Last Line Of Defense
By Lawrence J. Haas, U.S. News & World Report, December 16, 2014

As talks between U.S.-led global negotiators and Iran over its nuclear program resume this week in Geneva, the most welcome shift on the Iranian nuclear front may be occurring thousands of miles away in Washington. 

Troubling Signs From Tehran
By James S. Robbins, U.S. News & World Report, December 10, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry is confident that an agreement on Iran's nuclear program can be concluded in three to four months, or sooner. But maybe it will be later - or maybe not at all. 

Rage Comes To Russia
By Ilan Berman, Foreign Affairs, December 8, 2014

In recent months, discussions of Russia in Washington and European capitals have focused on the Kremlin's ongoing neoimperialist aggression against Ukraine. But Wednesday's coordinated terrorist assault on the Chechen capitol of Grozny—which left at least 20 dead and scores more injured—should refocus global attention on a problem that Russia itself increasingly is confronting: a resilient wave of radical Islam.

After Hagel
By James Robbins, U.S. News & World Report, November 25, 2014

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was reportedly eased out of the Pentagon because President Barack Obama did not think he was the right man for the job. But finding the right person to replace him will require clear thinking from the White House on the dangerous state of the world. 

A Deal With Two Devils
By Lawrence J. Haas, U.S. News & World Report, November 18, 2014

Nothing better showcases Washington’s confusion over foreign policy than the idea that – as part of a U.S.-Iran nuclear deal – Iran would ship much or all of its enriched uranium to Russia, and Russia would then process it for Iranian civilian usage. 

Latest In-House Bulletins

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1944
December 16, 2014

Putin's plan to make friends and influence people;

A shift in energy direction

China Reform Monitor - No. 1135
December 11, 2014

Big gains for DPP in Taiwan;
China accelerates artificial island-building in South China Sea



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1943
December 11, 2014

How Putin does political business;
The EU goes wobbly



China Reform Monitor - No. 1134
December 5, 2014

China reveals new anti-ship cruise missile...;
...and tests new anti-satellite weapons



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1942
December 4, 2014

A mounting buckwheat panic;
Fear and loathing in Moscow



Latest Policy Papers

U. S. & European Perspectives of Current and Evolving Security Challenges
By ´┐╝John P. Rose, Ph.D , October 31, 2014

As we think through the role that the United States might play in addressing future security challenges in the European and Eurasian arenas in coming years, it would seem appropriate to have some indication of the thinking, thoughts, and ideas of our partners and allies—especially those in NATO. Americans may feel strongly about issues such as missile defense, countering terrorism and stopping Iran from developing a nuclear capability, but do European and Eurasian allies feel the same?...

Protecting the Warfighter in an Austere Budget Environment
By David J. Trachtenberg , September 24, 2014

Winston Churchill is often quoted as saying, “Gentlemen, we have run out of money. Now we have to think.” A similar statement is attributed to Ernest Rutherford, a New Zealand physicist often cited as the “father” of nuclear physics. Regardless of who uttered this quote, many believe it appropriately summarizes the state of America’s defense establishment today. “Fiscal austerity” is the environment in which national security decisions are made...