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China Reform Monitor - No. 1122
September 23, 2014
Property prices dropping across China;
Far fewer North Koreans crossing border into China in 2014
China Reform Monitor - No. 1121
September 10, 2014

Senior Taiwan official charged with leaking secrets to mainland;

Chinese fighter harasses U.S. surveillance plane 
China Reform Monitor - No. 1120
September 5, 2014


Rising suicide rates among Chinese seniors;
China, Taiwan conduct joint maritime rescue training drills



China Reform Monitor - No. 1119
September 4, 2014


Top Chinese general visits disputed border with India;
China to apply one-child policy to Uighurs in Xinjiang



China Reform Monitor - No. 1118
September 2, 2014
PLA reforms rewards system;
Beijing enlists, rewards citizens in Xinjiang crackdown
China Reform Monitor - No. 1117
August 15, 2014

China faces growing demographic challenge;
Billions marked for improved infrastructure in China’s west



China Reform Monitor - No. 1116
August 14, 2014

Strains in China-DRPK ties over nukes;
CMC widens corruption probe




China Reform Monitor - No. 1115
August 5, 2014

Bank of China in money laundering probe;
China may be first to purchase Russian Trumf system



China Reform Monitor - No. 1114
August 4, 2014

China eyeing new investments in Pakistan;
Beijing launches crackdown on CCTV



China Reform Monitor - No. 1113
July 24, 2014

More details on massive China-Russia gas pipeline;
Ban on fasting in Xinjiang