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China Reform Monitor - No. 1135
December 11, 2014

Big gains for DPP in Taiwan;
China accelerates artificial island-building in South China Sea



China Reform Monitor - No. 1134
December 5, 2014

China reveals new anti-ship cruise missile...;
...and tests new anti-satellite weapons



China Reform Monitor - No. 1133
December 3, 2014

China cracks the whip on Nepal over Tibetans;
Another joint DPRK-China project is put on hold


China Reform Monitor - No. 1132
November 20, 2014

Senior PLA general admits to taking “huge bribes”;
China expanding reefs in South China Sea



China Reform Monitor - No. 1131
November 19, 2014

Al Qaeda sets sights on China;
China establishes new Asian Bank



China Reform Monitor - No. 1130
November 10, 2014


New guidelines from the Ministry of Education;
Beijing eyes agriculture, rural land reform



China Reform Monitor - No. 1129
November 3, 2014


Taiwan president calls for democracy in Hong Kong, mainland;
India fortifying border with China



China Reform Monitor - No. 1128
October 29, 2014

China and Russia partner on fast neutron nuclear reactors;
People’s Daily targets multinationals for tax evasion



China Reform Monitor - No. 1127
October 24, 2014

China halts weapons supplies to South Sudan;
PLA parades around disputed islands for 65th anniversary of PRC



China Reform Monitor - No. 1126
October 8, 2014

University of Chicago latest to shutter Confucius Institute;
China ready to invest in Russia-occupied Crimea