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China Reform Monitor - No. 1193
November 25, 2015

Historic Xi-Ma meeting;
China to sell Russia S-400s, Su-35s 

China Reform Monitor - No. 1192
November 24, 2015
Europeans compete to woo China
Crackdown on human rights lawyers, activists continues
China Reform Monitor - No. 1191
November 16, 2015

Premier Li sought to resign in 2015?;
Communist Party releases new disciplinary rules for members



China Reform Monitor - No. 1190
November 13, 2015

Applications for government service decline;
Official: China interfering in Myanmar peace process



China Reform Monitor - No. 1189
October 30, 2015

[Editor’s Introduction: China continues to reform and purge members of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to eliminate corruption, ensure its loyalty to the party, and improve its effectiveness. One key objective is to destroy the networks that two former (now disgraced) vice-chairmen of the Central Military Commission, Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, built over at least twenty years. Inspection teams are rooting out their associates at the PLA general headquarters and beyond, and destroying unofficial venues for collusion and corruption. In a raid on Xu’s villa investigators found calligraphy and paintings from the Tang, Yuan and Ming dynasties, and other antiques. The discovery prompted a crackdown on unofficial groups that retired leaders use to preserve their influence and enrich themselves. However, many doubt the effectiveness of the military's internal investigations.]

China Reform Monitor - No. 1188
October 29, 2015

Global Times warns US on artificial islands;
Chinese researcher wins Nobel Prize



China Reform Monitor - No. 1187
October 15, 2015


Indonesia chooses China for high-speed rail project;
China arrests two Japanese on spying charges



China Reform Monitor - No. 1186
October 14, 2015

Changes to Japan’s constitution;
China sets more limits on cash withdrawals overseas



China Reform Monitor - No. 1185
October 13, 2015

“Xi keeps a tight grip on authority”;
New “journalistic ethics committees” ordered for each province



China Reform Monitor - No. 1184
October 6, 2015


Beijing centralizing, consolidating environmental oversight;
Chinese group to build high-speed rail connecting Las Vegas, LA