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China Reform Monitor - No. 1152
March 24, 2015

Argentina eyeing Chinese fighters;
New requirements for Chinese migrants in Russia



China Reform Monitor - No. 1151
March 17, 2015

Indonesia beefing up military in South China Sea;
Beijing launching unprecedented crackdown on civil society groups



China Reform Monitor - No. 1150
March 16, 2015

Chinese media blackout on rising Xinjiang violence;
Beijing taking more active role in Afghan peace talks



China Reform Monitor - No. 1149
March 10, 2015

Ethnic Chinese rebels in Myanmar appeal to China for help;
India may overtake Chinese growth in next 1-2 years



China Reform Monitor - No. 1148
March 9, 2015

Change to “One Child Policy” means 1 million more births in 2015;
China and Argentina form “strategic integral alliance”



China Reform Monitor - No. 1147
February 25, 2015

Prominent Chinese academic warns of war on intellectuals;
Russia busts major drug trafficking ring from China



China Reform Monitor - No. 1146
February 23, 2015

Shared concerns about China bring Manila and Hanoi together;
Beijing strengthens ties with Thailand’s military junta



China Reform Monitor - No. 1145
February 11, 2015

New nationalist education regulations released;
Chinese shops attacked and looted in the Congo



China Reform Monitor - No. 1144
February 9, 2015

Beijing wants “patriotic education” in Hong Kong schools;
China’s online economy more than doubles in a year



China Reform Monitor - No. 1143
February 4, 2015

China Daily advocates for overseas military bases;
Chinese think tank wants more transparency from provinces