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China Reform Monitor - No. 779
September 3, 2009

China signs blockbuster gas deal with Australia; Beijing warns lawyers not to handle Xinjiang cases

China Reform Monitor - No. 778
August 27, 2009

Vietnam, China spar over fishing in disputed waters; PLA worried about "poisoned arrows" YouTube and Twitter

China Reform Monitor - No. 777
August 24, 2009

Beijing to institute rural pension system; Chinese pharma industry surging

China Reform Monitor - No. 776
August 20, 2009

China and India in South Asian railway race; China trains "special cadres" of Uighur police for Xinjiang

China Reform Monitor - No. 775
August 10, 2009

Chinese business activities face scrutiny in Africa; Sino-Syrian media partner for new Arab language channel

China Reform Monitor - No. 780
August 4, 2009

China irked Dalai Lama's visit to Taiwan; Beijing shuffles leadership in Xinjiang

China Reform Monitor - No. 774
July 31, 2009

Friction with China's African immigrant-workers in Guanghzou; China launches final stage of "stability-maintaining campaign" in Xinjiang

China Reform Monitor - No. 773
July 28, 2009


Xinjiang crackdown provokes Muslim ire...; ... as Beijing invokes Uighur-al Qaeda connection

China Reform Monitor - No. 772
July 22, 2009


Beijing plans local administration overhaul; India voices more concern over PLA buildup

China Reform Monitor - No. 771
July 16, 2009

Beijing solidifies ties with new government in Zimbabwe; Frustration in Russia over terms of trade with China