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China Reform Monitor - No. 1222
May 19, 2016

China denies U.S. carrier port call in Hong Kong;
Xi warns cadres about "ideological infringement"

China Reform Monitor - No. 1221
May 17, 2016

Death sentence gets tougher in China;
China wants to boost agricultural production

China Reform Monitor - No. 1220
May 5, 2016

China MoD creates new Overseas Action Department;
Beijing intends to turn China into a soccer powerhouse

China Reform Monitor - No. 1219
May 4, 2016

U.S. criticizes China's internet censorship;
Party leaders' offshore financial holdings exposed

China Reform Monitor - No. 1218
May 3, 2016

China and Gambia restore diplomatic ties;
Japan beefs up military presence around disputed islands

China Reform Monitor - No. 1217
April 13, 2016

Chinese agency promotes global electricity grid;
Chinese fishing vessels stir controversy in Malaysian waters

China Reform Monitor - No. 1216
April 12, 2016

China enmeshed in Zimbabwe politics;
Beijing pledges to implement DPRK sanctions

China Reform Monitor - No. 1215
March 30, 2016

U.S. and China trade barbs at Human Rights Council;
Gambia ditches Taiwan, restores relations with China

China Reform Monitor - No. 1214
March 29, 2016

Hong Kong residents flock to the U.S.;
Beijing rewriting rules for car-hailing services

China Reform Monitor - No. 1213
March 18, 2016

Construction begins on China’s first overseas military base;
Beijing cracks down on financial reporting amid crisis