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China Reform Monitor - No. 1168
June 29, 2015

Slowing growth prompts more stimulus;
China fingered in massive hack of US government



China Reform Monitor - No. 1167
June 23, 2015

Concerns over China bring Japan, Philippines together;
New China hand leading Asia policy at Obama’s NSC



China Reform Monitor - No. 1166
June 19, 2015

China objects to THAAD in ROK;
Afghan Taliban denies China hosting secret talks



China Reform Monitor - No. 1165
June 2, 2015

China seeks “leading fugitives,” extradition treaty, from U.S.;
China to invest in new free trade one, petrochem complex in Iran 

China Reform Monitor - No. 1164
June 1, 2015

Myanmar cross-border shelling kills one Chinese;
More flexibility in “One Child” policy to meet PLA personnel needs

China Reform Monitor - No. 1163
May 22, 2015

Beijing reverses on price controls for prescription drugs;
Chinese lakes drying up at unprecedented rate



China Reform Monitor - No. 1162
May 20, 2015

Beijing reverses on price controls for prescription drugs;
Chinese lakes drying up at unprecedented rate



China Reform Monitor - No. 1161
May 11, 2015

Spotlight on Chinese investments in Africa;
Police target gangs, illegal workers in Guangdong



China Reform Monitor - No. 1160
May 7, 2015

PLA targets corruption in logistics department;
Mainland companies snapping up Hong Kong news outlets



China Reform Monitor - No. 1159
April 27, 2015

China eyeing new infrastructure projects in Nepal;
Beijing to triple investments in Iranian oil fields



China Reform Monitor - No. 1158
April 24, 2015

China building runways on disputed islands;
Spotlight on ivory trade in China



China Reform Monitor - No. 1157
April 8, 2015

Chinese firm signs massive infrastructure deal in Djibouti;
Fighting rages along the China-Myanmar border



China Reform Monitor - No. 1156
April 6, 2015

Europeans join new Chinese-led multilateral bank;
Three new Free Trade Zones approved



China Reform Monitor - No. 1155
March 31, 2015

China dispatches air force to Myanmar border after bombing;
Beijing spreads 200,000 more Party officials across Xinjiang



China Reform Monitor - N0. 1154
March 30, 2015

Xinjiang officials warn of Uighurs joining Islamic State;
China behind nuclear theft in South Africa?



China Reform Monitor - No. 1153
March 25, 2015

PLA: 16 Major Generals under investigation for corruption;
Taiwan says PLA cyber-warfare unit housed at Chinese university



China Reform Monitor - No. 1152
March 24, 2015

Argentina eyeing Chinese fighters;
New requirements for Chinese migrants in Russia



China Reform Monitor - No. 1151
March 17, 2015

Indonesia beefing up military in South China Sea;
Beijing launching unprecedented crackdown on civil society groups



China Reform Monitor - No. 1150
March 16, 2015

Chinese media blackout on rising Xinjiang violence;
Beijing taking more active role in Afghan peace talks



China Reform Monitor - No. 1149
March 10, 2015

Ethnic Chinese rebels in Myanmar appeal to China for help;
India may overtake Chinese growth in next 1-2 years