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Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 138
September 17, 2013

Iran's economic crisis deepens...; regime readies nuclear bargaining chip;
A helping hand from Moscow

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 137
September 4, 2013

Iran's illicit finance hubs;
Rouhani starts to tackle Iran's economic malaise;
Second thoughts on Syria?

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 136
July 31, 2013

Iran's politics: Plus CA change;
Ahmadinejad's second act;
Left behind on literacy

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 135
June 11, 2013

Iran tightens security ahead of election;
Taliban, Iran mend fences;
Iran, Hamas fall out over Syria...;
...As Tehran doubles down in Damascus

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 134
May 30, 2013

Ahead of elections, Iran's Internet goes dark...; ...executions rise...; ...and field of candidates gets smaller; The Iranian cyber threat, reloaded; Iran's deepening footprint in Syria

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 133
April 26, 2013

Flashpoint: Iran's Azeris;
Economic uncertainty, and food insecurity, in Iran;
Number of Presidential hopefuls continues to grow

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 132
March 28, 2013

Field of presidential candidates takes shape...; regime stacks the electoral deck;
Nuclear collusion with North Korea...;
...but dimming economic prospects elsewhere in Asia

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 131
February 6, 2013

Iran adapts to western sanctions...:
...or does it?;
With an eye towards election, a new order of battle

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 130
January 18, 2013

Iran intimidates reporters;
A fresh estimate for Iran's nuclearization;
Iran feeds Africa's wars

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 129
December 21, 2012

A brave face from Tehran...for now;
Iran's naval ambitions;
A home grown Youtube