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Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 120
June 19, 2012

 Rezaee Rising?; The IRGC takes aim at churches; Iran builds new regional energy bonds; Iranian opposition condemns regime support for Syria; Cost of food staples surges

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 119
April 25, 2012

Iran combats mounting sanctions with cash payouts...; ...But domestic discontent continues to deepen; Iran ramps up its war on drugs; After the coalition, Iraqi insurgents focus on Iran; Iranian regime seeks help censoring the internet

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 118
March 26, 2012

National intranet inches closer to reality; New council to oversee cyberspace; A cyberattack on the BBC; A helping hand from China...; ...and new attention from the West

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 117
March 9, 2012

 On press freedoms; On capital punishment; On free and fair elections; On the treatment of prisoners; On the treatment of ethnic and religious minorities

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 116
February 29, 2012

 Targeting dissidents abroad; A hint of moderation in Iran's penal code; A helping hand from Asia; More signs of regime infighting; A foiled Iranian plot in Azerbaijan?

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 115
February 13, 2012

 Iran's Morals Police Venture Online...; ...As Authorities Inch Closer to a National Intranet; Some Strategic Messaging to South America; Sanctions Truly Begin to Bite; Tightening the Fiscal Belt - And Doubling Down on Defense

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 114
January 13, 2012

 Wooing Afghanistan; Sanctions Drive Iranian Rial Downward; A Falling Out with Al-Jazeera; Iran's Newest Energy Partner; A New Cyber-Clampdown

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 113
October 18, 2011

 On Human Rights in Iran; On the Treatment of Civil Society Actors; On Women's Rights; On Religious and Ethnic Minorities; On Capital Punishment; 

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 112
September 19, 2011

 Iran's Cultural Revolution Inches Forward; Malaise and Despair in the Islamic Republic; Blowback from the "Arab Spring"; Iran-Pakistan Pipeline Inches Forward; New American Attention to Democracy in Iran

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 111
June 13, 2011

 Iran's War on Free Media; Human Rights Monitoring, Iranian Style; Spinning the Iranian Economy; The War of Ideas Between Iran and the West Heats Up