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Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 113
October 18, 2011

 On Human Rights in Iran; On the Treatment of Civil Society Actors; On Women's Rights; On Religious and Ethnic Minorities; On Capital Punishment; 

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 112
September 19, 2011

 Iran's Cultural Revolution Inches Forward; Malaise and Despair in the Islamic Republic; Blowback from the "Arab Spring"; Iran-Pakistan Pipeline Inches Forward; New American Attention to Democracy in Iran

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 111
June 13, 2011

 Iran's War on Free Media; Human Rights Monitoring, Iranian Style; Spinning the Iranian Economy; The War of Ideas Between Iran and the West Heats Up

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 110
April 29, 2011

 The Moslehi Affair: A Metric of Ahmadinejad's Power; Rafsanjani on the Outs; Tehran Targets Dogs, Pharmaceuticals; Regime Jitters Over the Green Movement; 

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 109
February 15, 2011

 The Green Movement, Revisited?; Khamenei in Search of Religious Legitimacy; The Fleeting Effect of Stuxnet

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 108
January 5, 2011

 Regime Implements Radical Economic "Surgery"; Turning up the Heat on the Green Movement

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 107
November 27, 2010

 Ahmadinejad Takes Aim at the Expediency Council; The S-300 by Other Means?; An Iranian River Runs Through It

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 106
November 1, 2010

 Regime Keeps up Pressure on Reformists; Amid Sanctions, Iran's Gasoline Trade Continues...; ...But at Reduced Volume; Secret Executions on the Rise

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 105
September 27, 2010

 Dissent in the Ranks; Scrambling ot Stop Subsidies; Iran's Anti-Family Bill Fails to Pass Muster; Iran Hearts the AKP

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 104
August 11, 2010

Fissures in the IRGC...; Iran's clerical army adapts to sanctions; Walling off the Kurds; Iran's two irregular wars