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China Reform Monitor
China Reform Monitor - No. 1135 , December 11, 2014

Big gains for DPP in Taiwan;
China accelerates artificial island-building in South China Sea



Eurasia Security Watch
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 330 , November 14, 2014

Iraq update;
Bahrain to publish names of terrorist financiers;
Saudi Arabia funds $3 billion in French arms to Lebanon;
Libyan city, Egyptian militants pledge allegiance to ISIS'
Jordan dictates acceptable Islam to clerics


Iran Democracy Monitor
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 152 , November 26, 2014

How China helps the IRGC;
New nuclear cooperation with Russia;
A broadcasting controversy;
Iran's covert nuclear work continues;
Iranian blogger released


Missile Defense Briefing Report
Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 331 , November 26, 2014

A new mission for Iron Dome;
Tit-for-tat defenses in Eastern Europe;
India's Nirbhay takes flight;
Romania's new role;
Washington eyes expanded Asian presence;
Taiwan strengthens deterrence


Russia Reform Monitor
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1944 , December 16, 2014

Putin's plan to make friends and influence people;

A shift in energy direction
South Asia Security Monitor
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 354 , November 10, 2014


Wagah border terror attack;
India opposes UN votes on nonproliferation;
Sri Lanka opens port to Chinese sub again;
Pentagon calls out Pakistan