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China Reform Monitor
China Reform Monitor - No. 1179 , August 18, 2015

Crackdown on illegal mining of rare earth materials;
Thailand repatriates Uighurs to China



Eurasia Security Watch
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 344 , August 5, 2015

Turkey takes off gloves in battle against ISIS;
Iraqi forces attack Islamic state base in Ramadi;
Iran accuses Bahrain of stoking Gulf tensions;
Fighting continues in Yemen as ceasefire quickly unravels;
Kyrgyz leader says U.S. 'sought chaos' by decorating dissident


Global Islamism Monitor
Global Islamism Monitor - No. 9 , August 13, 2015

Target: Britain;
A new leader for Boko Haram;
Taking stock of the anti-ISIS effort;
How web 2.0 aids the counterterrorism fight;



Iran Democracy Monitor
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 158 - SPECIAL ISSUE: The Iran Nuclear Deal , July 28, 2015

In Washington, worries over latent nuclear potential;
A shot in the arm for Iran's military budget;
Fear and loathing in Riyadh...;
...and Israel




Missile Defense Briefing Report
Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 338 , August 5, 2015

Iranian air defense improvements?;
Russia expands electronic warfare capability;
Defending Israeli airliners;
Russia incorporates blimp-based missile defense radar;
Turkey's indigenous defenses mature;
North Korea improves missiile launch capabilities



Russia Reform Monitor
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1999 , August 25, 2015

Litvinenko killing "personally ordered" by Putin, court hears;
Russian citizens versus the Internet



South Asia Security Monitor
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 374 , July 27, 2015

SSB blocks militant supply line at Bhutan border;
China to participate in India's fleet review;
India-Iran undersea gas pipeline eyed;
Modi to Silicon Valley in September;
Drone downed by Pakistan not Indian, but Chinese