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China Reform Monitor
China Reform Monitor - No. 1140 , January 26, 2015


China hosts Taliban delegation;
Chinese media expanding in Africa



Eurasia Security Watch
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 330 , November 14, 2014

Iraq update;
Bahrain to publish names of terrorist financiers;
Saudi Arabia funds $3 billion in French arms to Lebanon;
Libyan city, Egyptian militants pledge allegiance to ISIS'
Jordan dictates acceptable Islam to clerics


Iran Democracy Monitor
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 153 , December 22, 2014

Iran's cyber threat, revisited;
Ahmadinejad's second act?;
Back to the territorial drawing board;
A new social ill: Shacking up;
Acid unnacountability



Missile Defense Briefing Report
Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 332 , December 31, 2014

A direct hit for Aegis...;
...and bullseye for Bulava;
Defending Russia;
A setback for the arrow;
High-flying homeland defense;
Qatar buys American



Russia Reform Monitor
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1950 , January 21, 2015


Fighter planes for Argentina;
Banning the Islamic State



South Asia Security Monitor
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 355 , January 9, 2015


Indian Ocean may be next desitination for Chinese oil rig'
Big stakes in Sri Lanka election;
China hosts Taliban, may push reconciliation;
India, Pakistan continue trading fire at LOC