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China Reform Monitor
China Reform Monitor - No. 1117 , August 15, 2014


China faces growing demographic challenge;
Billions marked for improved infrastructure in China’s west



Eurasia Security Watch
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 327 , August 15, 2014


Lebanon battles Islamist militants;
Sisi plans to expand Suez Canal;
Turkey cracks down on police;
Militias battle over Benghazi


Iran Democracy Monitor
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 150 , August 12, 2014


Russia and Iran: Anti-sanctions synergy;
Iran's notorious image;
More demographic tinkering in Tehran;
Iran's play in Iraq


Missile Defense Briefing Report
Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 326 , July 25, 2014

Is Canada back at the missile defense table?
Plans for U.S.-ROK cooperation cause jitters in Beijing;
Taiwan and U.S. missile defense;
A step forward for GMD


Russia Reform Monitor
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1917 , August 19, 2014


Moscow shapes media coverage of Ukraine;
After new Western sanctions, a food fight



South Asia Security Monitor
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 350 , August 14, 2014


Uighur militants launch another attack on Xinjiang;
Social media expands Isis' reach;
PAK using counterinsurgency funds for India;
Modi visits Nepal