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China Reform Monitor
China Reform Monitor - No. 1217 , April 13, 2016

Chinese agency promotes global electricity grid;
Chinese fishing vessels stir controversy in Malaysian waters

Defense Technology Monitor
Defense Technology Monitor - No. 3 , April 8, 2016

Pentagon eyes next generation weapons;
Combating terrorists on social media;
A different kind of computer learning;
After DPRK test, new missile defense momentum in Seoul and Tokyo

Eurasia Security Watch
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 356 , March 17, 2016

Corruption: Scourge of Central Asia;
A shrinking Russian footprint in Tajikistan;
Kazakhstan, speaking plainly
Kyrgyzstan tightens control over Islamic education

Global Islamism Monitor
Global Islamism Monitor - No. 20 , April 18, 2016

Jordan moves against the Brotherhood;
ISIS broadens its reach in Libya;
Rethinking the Sinai;
The West's vulnerable nuclear sector

Iran Democracy Monitor
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 163 , April 18, 2016

Green movement leader still languishes;
The JCPOA's energy dividend;
Europe becomes the Islamic Republic's lobbyist;
Iran sets its sights on India;
An Iranian General in Moscow


Missile Defense Briefing Report
Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 342 , December 31, 2015

Israel readies air based defense for export...;
...and adds new capabilities;
Harnessing left of launch;
Russia adds to Arctic arsenal

Russia Reform Monitor
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2056 , April 25, 2016

Paranoia in the Kremlin as elections approach;
Russia's sly nuclear build-up

South Asia Security Monitor
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 389 , April 12, 2016

Saudi Arabia, India team up against terror;
U.S. concerned about PAK nuclear security;
Sri Lanka and India deepen ties;
China blocks ban of JeM chief;
Corruption in Afghanistan real threat