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Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 74
Bulletins - May 29, 2008

Financial pressure, European style; Iran's Baha'i under fire; Securing Syria; Larijani rising

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 73
Bulletins - May 16, 2008
To export, or not to export?; Not so quiet on the economic front
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 72
Bulletins - April 23, 2008

Iran and al-Qaeda; the ties that bind; A helping hand for Palestinian militants; Rewriting history in Tehran; Iran's take on the news

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 71
Bulletins - April 14, 2008

More nuclear progress in Tehran...; ...and greater economic generosity abroad; A new phase in the war on media; Tehran's newest counterterrorism partner

Bad Timing In Basra
Articles - April 8, 2008

What a difference eight months makes. Last September, General David Petraeus was essentially branded a liar for reporting to Congress that the situation in Iraq was improving markedly, that the so-called “surge” strategy was achieving its intended aims. Today, the general returns with more good news: violence in the country down 75 percent; Sunni sheiks cooperating with the government and Coalition (the “Anbar awakening”); and al-Qaeda in Iraq severely weakened and on the run. Unfortunately, General Petraeus will no doubt have to contend with a barrage of questions about the recent weeks’ fighting in Basra and Baghdad.

South Asia Security Monitor - No 211
Bulletins - March 28, 2008

Malay election highlights ethnic tensions;
Thailand's simmering south

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 173
Bulletins - March 25, 2008

Brotherhood cries foul in upcoming elections; The softer side of Erdogan; A monster is freed in Jordon; The PKK mafia; Liberal "apostates" under fire in Saudi Arabia

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 172
Bulletins - March 19, 2008

Opening the petroleum floodgates; A fading legacy in Central Asia; Dissension in the Islamist ranks; Al-Qaeda's Palestinian foothold

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 210
Bulletins - March 14, 2008

The LTTE's marriages of convenience;
Nuclear dreams in Jakarta 

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 209
Bulletins - February 20, 2008

Philippine militants unite;
Neo-Taliban, public enemy #1