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China Reform Monitor - No. 714
Bulletins - September 15, 2008

At SCO, Georgia war creates fissures...;
...but "anti-terrorism" exercises move forward

China Reform Monitor - No. 713
Bulletins - September 5, 2008

Democrats warm to Taiwan; Water and waste in shoddy Olympic plans

China Reform Monitor - No. 712
Bulletins - September 4, 2008

Beijing and Manila navigate complex relationship;
Attacks in Xinjiang on the rise

China Reform Monitor - No. 711
Bulletins - August 26, 2008

Beijing tightens noose around Uighurs ahead of Games;
Chinese interest in Burmese islands spooks India

China Reform Monitor - No. 710
Bulletins - August 19, 2008

An Olympic show of force;
Chinese economy downshifts, pace of growth slows

China Reform Monitor - No. 709
Bulletins - August 12, 2008

Greater press freedom for Olympics doesn't reach Internet;
Taiwan still eyeing massive arms purchase

China Reform Monitor - No. 708
Bulletins - August 8, 2008

China accused of sheltering Zimbabwe thugs;
Friction between Burma and Beijing?

India As A US Hedge Against China
Articles - August 6, 2008

With a housing crisis in full bloom, and a presidential campaign in overdrive, Americans can be forgiven for overlooking the frenetic race to salvage the US-India civil nuclear agreement now underway. First came Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's narrow triumph in a no-confidence vote in parliament last month. Manmohan stood down fierce opposition from the left and, in a chaotic and unruly session, risked his governing coalition by forcing the vote. Only weeks later, on August 1, the International Atomic Energy Agency signaled its approval of India's draft plan for inspection, clearing the second of four hurdles. Only the 45-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), where approval is likely, and the US Congress, where nothing is guaranteed, now stand in the way.

China Reform Monitor - No. 707
Bulletins - August 5, 2008

Beijing tells Exon Mobil: South China Sea off limits;
President Hu outlines priorities to "non-party elites"

China Reform Monitor - No. 706
Bulletins - July 28, 2008

Chinese traders breed resentment in Africa;
Security forces gearing up for Olympics