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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1615
Bulletins - February 5, 2009

Kremlin targets "enemies of the state";
An energy crisis in the making

China Reform Monitor - No. 737
Bulletins - January 22, 2009
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 85
Bulletins - January 13, 2009

Malaise and decline under Ahmadinejad; The challenge facing Obama; Dulcet tones from the new president...; ...amoid hopeful signs of economic leverage

Iran's Economic Dire Straits
Articles - November 19, 2008

What should the next administration do about Iran? During the 2008 presidential campaign, Sen. Barack Obama advocated the need for direct negotiations as a way of addressing the Iranian regime's persistent nuclear ambitions. And since his electoral victory, the president-elect has given every indication that he intends to initiate a diplomatic dialogue with Tehran after he assumes office on Jan. 20.

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 79
Bulletins - October 3, 2008

 An economic house of cards; A digital window of opportunity; Back to Iraq

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 185
Bulletins - September 19, 2008

It's official: Mahdi Army disbanded; Al-Qaeda under pressure in Israel...; ...and the Gaza Strip; The Bin Laden network versus Iran; Central Asia sticks by Nabucco

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1585
Bulletins - August 22, 2008

Nuclear warheads for the Baltic fleet?;
Rice questions Medvedev's word

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1578
Bulletins - July 27, 2008

Another business leader in the Kremlin's crosshairs;
For the second time this month, Russia resorts to cyber-attacks

Iran Strategy Brief No. 3: The Case For Economic Warfare
Policy Papers - January 30, 2008

What can the United States do about Iran? Today that question, fueled by growing international concern over the Islamic Republic’s persistent nuclear ambitions, has emerged at the forefront of the American strategic debate.

In this calculus, economic measures have received comparatively short shrift. This is because conventional wisdom has it that the United States possesses little leverage that it can bring to bear in order to deter and contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions. In this case, however, the conventional wisdom is wrong; the United States has a considerable number of economic tools at its disposal, despite its lack of trade relations with the Islamic Republic.

Taking On Tehran: Strategies For Confronting The Islamic Republic
Books - March 2007

Taking on Tehran provides concrete solutions to the emerging Iranian global threat. With contributions from leading analysts and practitioners, Taking on Tehran examines the various approaches - economic, political and military - that can be taken by the United States and its allies to confront and defeat the contemporary challenge posed by the Islamic Republic. It offers practical, achievable guidance to policymakers and unique insight for students into how foreign policy is really made.