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Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 137
Bulletins - September 4, 2013

Iran's illicit finance hubs;
Rouhani starts to tackle Iran's economic malaise;
Second thoughts on Syria?

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 294
Bulletins - September 3, 2013

New Egypt PM says no Brotherhood ban;
Jordan will not be used for attack on Syria;
Opposition reports chemical weapons used in Syria

The War of Ideas Will Be Televised
Articles - August 27, 2013

Among long-time observers of Middle East politics, the sorry state of Israeli hasbara, as the country's foreign image-building is called in Hebrew, is something akin to the stuff of legend. Time and again over the years, Israeli messaging — on everything from its strategic intentions, to relations with the Palestinians, to foreign policy toward the Arab world — has fallen flat or received a cold shoulder from unsympathetic international audiences. This has been the case despite consistent, heavy investments from the Israeli government in the use of television, radio, print media and the Internet to win hearts and minds.

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 293
Bulletins - August 26, 2013

Turkish elite targeted in crackdown;
Iraqi pipeline bombed;
Syrian refugees flood Kurdistan

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 290
Bulletins - August 2, 2013

Opposition leader assassinated in Tunisia;
Crackdown on Turkish media;
Syrian government takes Homs

The International Criminal Court Is Mulling An Absurd Case Against Israel
Articles - July 11, 2013

The International Criminal Court (ICC), which began operating in 2002, is charged with focusing on "the most serious crimes of concern to the international community," listed in particular as "the crime of genocide," "crimes against humanity," "war crimes," and "the crime of aggression."

Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 314
Bulletins - June 26, 2013

Congress seeks to maintain missile defense assets in Asia...;
...and prevent data sharing with Russia;
Oman to strengthen Gulf air defense

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 286
Bulletins - June 4, 2013

 Islamist militants evicted from Mali regroup in libya; Hezbollah backs the Syrian regime; Jordan seeks to upgrade its military; National dialogue in Yemen; Saudi leadership transition underway

John Kerry’s Palestinian Investment Plan Sidesteps Central Truisms
Articles - May 30, 2013

I suspect that I’m like many of you. I want to believe Israeli-Palestinian peace is coming, that the two sides will soon agree to borders, Palestinian terrorists will stop launching rockets from Gaza, and ultra-right Israelis will abandon dreams of absorbing the West Bank into a “Greater Israel.”

Obama's Retreat From The War On Terror
Articles - May 28, 2013

President Obama's counter-terrorism strategy, which he unveiled last week in a high-profile speech at the National Defense University, is less off-base than incomplete, reflecting his effort to limit the scope of the problem and the requirements of the response in ways that will prove inadequate to the challenge.