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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1638
Bulletins - July 2, 2009

A grim economic forecast;
A new tack toward the WTO

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1637
Bulletins - July 1, 2009

The North Caucasus tinderbox;
Moscow plans "unified defense space" in the Near Abroad

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1636
Bulletins - June 24, 2009

Reinforcing Russia's take on history;
Second thoughts in Abkhazia

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1635
Bulletins - June 16, 2009

Restarting START;
Second thoughts on Syria?

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1634
Bulletins - June 8, 2009

Sweetening the pot for Pyongyang;
Are energy wars in Russia's future?

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1633
Bulletins - June 3, 2009

The Sino-Russian partnership hits a speed bump;
Kuril islands to remain a contested issue

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1632
Bulletins - June 1, 2009

Serdyukov cleans house;
Russia's grim demographic future

A 'Reset' Is Not Enough
Articles - May 23, 2009

The Obama administration has offered to “reset” relations with Russia. But what is really needed is a change of operating system. A reset seeks to restore a previous relationship, which for former officials of the Clinton administration now back in office means the Yeltsin years. This will fail because Moscow views that period as emblematic of Russian weakness and exploitation by the West, and especially by the United States.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1631
Bulletins - May 22, 2009

Moscow-Baghdad ties on the mend;
Russians blame the Kremlin for economic malaise

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1630
Bulletins - May 14, 2009

The long arm of Chechen politics;
Another energy move in Eastern Europe