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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1596
Bulletins - October 6, 2008

Medvedev celebrates end of U.S. financial dominance;
Top democratic party bows to Kremlin control

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1595
Bulletins - October 1, 2008

Moscow fights financial fire with $50 billion bailout;
Gorbachev to head new reformist party

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1594
Bulletins - September 28, 2008

 Russia backtracks on Arctic claims; Kremlin infighting leads to bloodshed

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1593
Bulletins - September 22, 2008

 Medvedev turns to Arctic to "secure Russian interests"; Moscow formalizes treaties with Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1592
Bulletins - September 16, 2008

Russian defense spending to surge 27% in 2009; Russia withdraws from (most of) Georgia

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1591
Bulletins - September 12, 2008

 Russian navy to flex muscles in South America...; ...and renovate port in Mediterranean

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1590
Bulletins - September 9, 2008

 Cheney praises Georgia, the end of the Soviet Union; Russia considers playing Iran card

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1589
Bulletins - September 4, 2008

Medvedev lays out "guiding principles" of foreign policy; Revising history in Russian textbooks

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1588
Bulletins - September 1, 2008

 SCO fails to endorse Russian position on Georgia...; ...but Venezuela gladly backs its new ally in Moscow

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1587
Bulletins - August 29, 2008

Russian business climate sours, market tanks; Tensions rise in the Black Sea