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China Reform Monitor - No. 718
Bulletins - October 10, 2008

 China rejects "meaningful participation" for Taiwan at UN; China invites outsiders to witness "Warrior 2008"

China Reform Monitor - No. 717
Bulletins - October 2, 2008

Chinese forces testing India at disputed border; China's army chief outlines military modernization plan

China Reform Monitor - No. 716
Bulletins - September 24, 2008

China snubs India at nuke deal talks;
CPC calls for "high-pressure crackdown" on Uighur separatists

China Reform Monitor - No. 715
Bulletins - September 19, 2008

Vietnam riled by Chinese "invasion plans";
Fan site launched for "Elder Brother Tao" and "Little Bao"

China Reform Monitor - No. 714
Bulletins - September 15, 2008

At SCO, Georgia war creates fissures...;
...but "anti-terrorism" exercises move forward

China Reform Monitor - No. 713
Bulletins - September 5, 2008

Democrats warm to Taiwan; Water and waste in shoddy Olympic plans

China Reform Monitor - No. 712
Bulletins - September 4, 2008

Beijing and Manila navigate complex relationship;
Attacks in Xinjiang on the rise

China Reform Monitor - No. 711
Bulletins - August 26, 2008

Beijing tightens noose around Uighurs ahead of Games;
Chinese interest in Burmese islands spooks India

China Reform Monitor - No. 710
Bulletins - August 19, 2008

An Olympic show of force;
Chinese economy downshifts, pace of growth slows

China Reform Monitor - No. 709
Bulletins - August 12, 2008

Greater press freedom for Olympics doesn't reach Internet;
Taiwan still eyeing massive arms purchase