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China Reform Monitor - No. 709
Bulletins - August 12, 2008

Greater press freedom for Olympics doesn't reach Internet;
Taiwan still eyeing massive arms purchase

China Reform Monitor - No. 708
Bulletins - August 8, 2008

China accused of sheltering Zimbabwe thugs;
Friction between Burma and Beijing?

China Reform Monitor - No. 707
Bulletins - August 5, 2008

Beijing tells Exon Mobil: South China Sea off limits;
President Hu outlines priorities to "non-party elites"

China Reform Monitor - No. 705
Bulletins - July 23, 2008

Chinese trade surplus grows...; ...but the spying continues

China Reform Monitor - No. 702
Bulletins - July 4, 2008

U.S. concerned over Chinese space, missile policies; Degrees promised, diplomas granted

China Reform Monitor - No. 701
Bulletins - June 27, 2008


China-Zimbabwe Special Edition

China Reform Monitor - No. 700
Bulletins - June 26, 2008

A chill in the Sino-Russian arms trade; The door to Taiwan opens a crack further

China Reform Monitor - No. 761
Bulletins - May 18, 2008

China-Russia trade collapses in first quarter; Light shines on Beijing's plans

AFPC Publishes Third in Monograph Series
Monographs - December 2, 2002

AFPC is proud to announce the publication of its newest monograph, The Russian-Chinese Border: Today’s Reality.