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China Reform Monitor - No. 1242
Bulletins - September 9, 2016

China and Russia plan joint exercises in South China Sea;
Beijing pledges more "humanitarian" aid to Syrian military

China Reform Monitor - No. 1241
Bulletins - September 6, 2016

China-DPRK trade gets boost after THAAD announcement;
Indonesia hardens line on South China Sea territories

China Reform Monitor - No. 1240
Bulletins - September 2, 2016

Beijing forcing "zombie firms” into bankruptcy;
Tensions and contradictions in Chinese economic policy 

China Reform Monitor - No. 1239
Bulletins - September 1, 2016

China has already sunk $100 billion into the New Silk Road;
DPRK sells China fishing rights near maritime border with ROK

China Reform Monitor - No. 1238
Bulletins - August 31, 2016

In a rare move, India expels three Chinese journalists;
ASEAN remains gridlocked after UNCLOS Tribunal

China Reform Monitor - No. 1237
Bulletins - August 25, 2016

Xinjiang outlines new anti-terrorism laws;
Latest stand-off at the China-India border

China Reform Monitor - No. 1236
Bulletins - August 18, 2016

Growing presence of Chinese farmers in Russia's Far East;
CPC tightens grip over online news content

China Reform Monitor - No. 1235
Bulletins - August 17, 2016

Xi and Li split on economic reforms;
China arming multiple factions in Sudan conflict

China Reform Monitor - No. 1234
Bulletins - August 11, 2016

Thousands of African migrants flee Guangzhou;
Chinese outbound investment soars in 2016

China Reform Monitor - No. 1233
Bulletins - August 10, 2016

Chinese fishermen raise hackles off West Africa;
Xi stresses Party’s Marxist roots