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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1921
Bulletins - September 2, 2014

Ripples from the Ukraine crisis;
Battle robots to protect Russia’s missile arsenal



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1920
Bulletins - August 29, 2014

More assistance from Russia for Ukraine separatists;
Continued Russian-American cooperation on Afghanistan



A Time for Deterrance
Articles - August 21, 2014

 American politician and poet Eugene McCarthy once said that the media are like blackbirds on a telegraph pole. Once the impulse goes through, they all jump in the same direction. Fortunately for McCarthy, the Washington punditocracy was not as developed then as it is now.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1917
Bulletins - August 19, 2014

Moscow shapes media coverage of Ukraine;
After new Western sanctions, a food fight



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1916
Bulletins - August 11, 2014

Alcoholism still a scourge for Russian males;
Bloggers in the crosshairs



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1915
Bulletins - August 8, 2014

Emigration on the upswing;
Separatist stirrings in Siberia?



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1914
Bulletins - August 7, 2014

Russian intelligence directing Ukrainian separatists;
Starving Russian media

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1913
Bulletins - August 6, 2014

A tragedy in the skies over Ukraine;
Educating true Russians



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1912
Bulletins - August 4, 2014
More gains for Moscow in Latin America;
State Department details Russian meddling in Ukraine


Siren Call Of Empire Will Wreck Russia
Articles - July 28, 2014

The downing of Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 cast a harsh, lurid and revealing light upon Russia's war in Ukraine. 

Its most immediate effect was to place the brutality of Russian-led forces in full view.