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Don't Be Scared To Squeeze Pakistan
Articles - June 10, 2016

Pakistan returned to the headlines last month, after a U.S. air strike eliminated Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Mansour inside Pakistani territory. It marked the first ever U.S. strike on an Afghan Taliban leader inside the group's Pakistani sanctuary of Baluchistan, which had been off-limits to U.S. drones as part of an informal arrangement with Islamabad. Washington has touted the drone strike as an important victory for the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan. However, it will prove symbolic and short-lived unless it prompts more fundamental reform of America's Pakistan policy. To effect real change, Washington must increase pressure not just on the Taliban residing in Pakistan, but on Pakistan itself. 

Iran's Indian Opening
Articles - June 8, 2016

Nearly a year after its passage, the nuclear deal with Iran - formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - remains a political football in Washington. In response to pressure from Tehran, the Obama administration continues to seek ever-greater sanctions relief for the Iranian regime. The justification propounded by administration officials, from Secretary of State John Kerry on down, is that Iran has yet to reap real benefits from the deal and, therefore, a further sweetening of the pot is necessary to ensure its continued compliance with the terms of the deal. 

South Asia Security Monitor - 391
Bulletins - May 3, 2016

Indo-Russian defense deal in trouble;
India IS recruiter killed in drone strike;
PAK defense minister to visit Russia;
Ghani threatens UNSC action over Pak-Taliban links;
Air Force drone strikes now outnumber manned strikes

South Asia Security Monitor - 390
Bulletins - April 26, 2016

Indo-US military ties deepen;
France, India finalize aircraft deal;
Pak "certain" China will block India from NSG;
Attack on CIA camp funded by Pak?
Sri Lanka to secure Malacca straits;
Fighting continues in Kunduz

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 163
Bulletins - April 18, 2016

Green movement leader still languishes;
The JCPOA's energy dividend;
Europe becomes the Islamic Republic's lobbyist;
Iran sets its sights on India;
An Iranian General in Moscow

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 389
Bulletins - April 12, 2016

Saudi Arabia, India team up against terror;
U.S. concerned about PAK nuclear security;
Sri Lanka and India deepen ties;
China blocks ban of JeM chief;
Corruption in Afghanistan real threat

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 388
Bulletins - March 29, 2016

Pak eyes more U.S. F-16S;
Hackers targeting Indian defense establishment;
India signs 28 defense contracts;
Pak seeks stronger ties with Sri Lanka;
Border forces to be withdrawn from LOC?

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 386
Bulletins - February 24, 2016

$3B Indo-Israeli defense deal close;
Pakistan joins Saudi military training;
45 terrorist organizations in Pakistan;
US approves sale of 8 f-16 fighters to Pakistan;
India's internationa fleet review shows new focus

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 385
Bulletins - February 12, 2016

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives hold trilateral mil exercises;
Bangladesh rejects Chinese deep sea port; Looks to India, Japan;
Japan may build aircraft plan in India;
India receives new shipment of MI-17 helicopters

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 384
Bulletins - February 10, 2016

Pakistan to buy Turkey's new tank;
Pakistan and Maldives to strengthen ties;
ISIS linked to Bangladeshi terrorist attacks;
Modi considering first Indian national security policy;
Indian PM meets Afghan chief exec;
Bangladesh Minister seeks stronger ties with India