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South Asia Security Monitor - No. 362
Bulletins - March 16, 2015

Sri Lanka suspends Chinese port project;
Indian, Pak Foreign Ministers meet;
Pakistan tests ballistic missile;
Bomb misses Bangladesh PM by minutes;
Stalling Rafale deal heightens prospects of PAK-FA


Morocco's Counterterrorism Moment
Articles - March 11, 2015

The summit on countering violent extremism convened by the Obama administration last month was a lavish affair, full of pomp and circumstance and awash in foreign dignitaries. But substantive strategies for combatting radical ideologies, particularly those of Islamist groups, were far less in evidence. 

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 360
Bulletins - March 2, 2015

US may slow troop drawdown;
Israeli, Indian ministers discuss security, trade;
India to build seven warships, six subs;
New China embassy in Pakistan; Modi visits disputed region;
Former President arrested in Maldives

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 359
Bulletins - February 24, 2015

China offers to mediate Afghan peace talks;
Musharraf: ISI worked with Taliban;
Sri Lanka to go ahead with China port deal;
Reps. Royce, Engel urge tougher measures on Pakistan;
Sirisena visits India, signs nuclear deal


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 358
Bulletins - February 20, 2015

China-Pakistan nuclear cooperation;
India, U.S. to cooperate on carrier technology;
Sri Lanka to go ahead with China port deal;
India enhances defenses on border with China;
Thousands nabbed in Pakistani terror crackdown



Adrenaline Shot: Modi Rejuvenates U.S.-Indian Relations
Articles - February 16, 2015

During his January trip to India, President Obama scored a small win for his legacy and a big win for the Indo-U.S. relationship. While the U.S. president performed admirably in front of the cameras, the most productive Indo-U.S. summit in a decade owes its success to someone else—India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

America’s Dalai Lama Dilemma
Articles - February 12, 2015

President Barack Obama ’s first public appearance with the Dalai Lama , the spiritual leader of Buddhists around the world, made headlines on Feb. 5. While the setting was an ostensibly religious occasion, the National Prayer Breakfast, China was quick to take offense. “This action by the U.S. to ‘drive a nail’ into the hearts of the Chinese people is harmful to the political trust between the two countries,” opined the state-run Xinhua news agency.

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 357
Bulletins - February 10, 2015

Indian external affairs minister in Beijing;
Obama, Dalai Lama will meet in public for first time;
ISIS Khorasan, Pakistani Taliban form alliance;
At least 40 killed in Pakistan Shia mosque blast;
Modi appoints ambassador to U.S. as new top diplomat


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 356
Bulletins - January 30, 2015

ISIS expands in South Asia;
New Afghan cabinet in jeopardy;
Clashes in Nepal over new constitution;
Unrest, extremism in Bangladesh



South Asia Security Monitor - No. 355
Bulletins - January 9, 2015


Indian Ocean may be next desitination for Chinese oil rig'
Big stakes in Sri Lanka election;
China hosts Taliban, may push reconciliation;
India, Pakistan continue trading fire at LOC