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Crossing the Line At Odd Times: China-India Border Disputes
Articles - October 16, 2014

Last month yet another standoff at the disputed China-India border reached yet another peaceful conclusion, though not before spoiling the atmosphere of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s inaugural visit to India. In mid-September, as many as 1,000 Chinese soldiers crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, Kashmir and were met in a prolonged face-off by an equal number of Indian troops. While violations of the de facto border are a common affair, the conspicuous timing and motives of the latest intrusion, and its broader implications for Sino-Indian relations, merit greater scrutiny.


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 351
Bulletins - October 8, 2014
PM Modi visits the US;
Pakistan, China conduct bilateral naval exercise;
Pakistan endorses BSA;
India-Pakistan border violence
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 350
Bulletins - August 14, 2014

Uighur militants launch another attack on Xinjiang;
Social media expands Isis' reach;
PAK using counterinsurgency funds for India;
Modi visits Nepal


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 349
Bulletins - July 22, 2014

India and China seek more cooperation;
Taliban abandons key stronghold;
US won't sell Pakistan;
India, Nepal work towards resolving border issues;
Afghanistan averts electoral disaster



South Asia Security Monitor - No. 348
Bulletins - July 14, 2014

Indian court: Sharia law carries no legal authority;
India asks UN Kashmir team;
Pakistan claims headway in ground offensive;
Prelim Afghan results show Ghani winner


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 347
Bulletins - June 23, 2014


Pakistan finally launches major offensive;
Modi's first trip: Bhutan;
Afghan voters brave threats from Taliban;
PM Sharif calls on Karzai to seal border;
Afghan candidates promotion relations with India


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 346
Bulletins - June 17, 2014

Militants target Karachi airport, first drone strike in months;
India-China FMs meet;
Five NATO members killed in friendly fire incident;
Afghan floods leave 80 dead, thousands homeless;
Indian oil looking to join Tapi pipeline


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 345
Bulletins - June 2, 2014

Modi, Sharif, hold early bilateral talks;
Modi to chair nuclear command authority;
Obama visits Afghanistan - reveals post-2014 plan and more;
Pakistan Taliban splits;
Yet another horrific "honor killing" in Pakistan


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 344
Bulletins - May 28, 2014

Modi invites Sharif to India;
China may be "biggest loser" in Indian election;
Militants threaten India after Modi election;
al-Qaeda hiding true strength in Afghanistan


Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1896
Bulletins - May 21, 2014

A step forward with Cairo;
One, two, many Crimeas