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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1784
Bulletins - June 14, 2012
Russian Orthodox Church backs the Syrian status quo;
The Duma take a stand against new assembly law - albeit briefly
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1783
Bulletins - June 11, 2012

NATO, Moscow up the ante in missile defense row;

Who's in charge of United Russia?
Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 299
Bulletins - May 23, 2012

New Russian ICBM is no solution; Putin looks for assurances on European Defense; ROK reconsidering limits on missile range; Updated Aegis system enjoys success; The airborne laser rises again; India's missile shield matures

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1777
Bulletins - April 30, 2012

An unlikely champion for Russia's opposition;

Kremlin jitters over post-Coalition Afghanistan
Dim Prospects For Diplomacy With Iran
Articles - April 12, 2012

Tomorrow, the United States and its fellow members of the “P5+1” (Russia, China, France, England and Germany) will sit down once again with Iran for what has been billed as the Islamic Republic’s “last chance” to come to terms with the West regarding its nuclear ambitions. The likely outcome of those talks, however, is already within view—and it is far from encouraging.

A Crack In Europe’s Consensus On Iran
Articles - April 8, 2012

Since the start of the year, mounting concern over Iran's nuclear ambitions has translated into a serious economic offensive on the part of the European Union. Back in January, the European Commission voted on a series of punitive economic measures against Iran, chief among them a pledge by member states to cease imports of oil from the Islamic Republic by mid-summer.

Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 295
Bulletins - March 30, 2012

 Missile defense talks with Russia: going nowhere fast; Defense data as bargaining chip; New focus on ICBMs in North Korea; Russia deploys S-400 regiments...; ...And seeks to counter U.S. defenses; Pyongyang looks to space

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1771
Bulletins - March 29, 2012

 "Unrealistic" election brings Putin back to the presidency; The grim numbers on suicide in Russia

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1770
Bulletins - March 26, 2012

Putin's vision for Russian foreign policy;

Moscow, Tbilisi head for a thaw
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 118
Bulletins - March 26, 2012

National intranet inches closer to reality; New council to oversee cyberspace; A cyberattack on the BBC; A helping hand from China...; ...and new attention from the West