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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2105
Bulletins - December 8, 2016

Firebase: Crimea;
Russian subversion in the Balkans


Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2104
Bulletins - December 2, 2016

Russia's military spending takes a hit... finally;
Who is a Russian, really?

Defense Technology Monitor - No. 10
Bulletins - November 28, 2016

Bridging the capabilities cap;
Laser countermeasures begin to emerge;
Drone tracking, a new Pentagon priority;
Russia's new invisibility cloak;
Falling behind in the space arms race;
DARPA develops unhackable code

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2103
Bulletins - November 21, 2016

Fear and loathing in Prague;
Russia's plan to further destabilize Ukraine

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2102
Bulletins - November 16, 2016

Will America strike back in cyberspace?;
A push for more flexible military service

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2101
Bulletins - November 10, 2016

Military veterans get shortchanged;
Russia settles in in Syria

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2100
Bulletins - November 4, 2016

Russian rubles spur Ukrainian separatism;
Militarizing Kaliningrad

Russia's Road To Economic Ruin
Articles - November 2, 2016

You might not know it, but Russia is losing. The official narrative, promulgated by the Kremlin via its extensive propaganda machine, is that Russia is resurgent on the world stage, and that its status as a global power is increasingly unassailable. Over time, this take has become embraced in official Washington, to the point where it is now more or less conventional wisdom, at least on the presidential campaign trail. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2099
Bulletins - October 28, 2016

Moscow nixes plutonium pact;
An S-300 to guard Assad

Defense Technology Monitor - No. 9
Bulletins - October 24, 2016

Japan contemplates how to counter China at sea:
Hypersonics: A widening capabilities gap;
DARPA targets anti-drone tech;
China's cruise control;
Meeting the challenge of artificial intelligence

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2098
Bulletins - October 24, 2016

The FSB tackles metadata;
Crimea's Tatars seek legal recourse

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2097
Bulletins - October 17, 2016

Now Russian hacking hits Germany;
Full speed ahead for "Yarovaya" monitoring

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2096
Bulletins - October 14, 2016

Back to the KGB;
Duma elections: the fix was in

Defense Technology Monitor - No. 8
Bulletins - October 11, 2016

Drones, coming soon to a lab near you;
Russia's robotic revolution;
A new military mission: Countering robotic sensor systems;
Mind control and drone fleets
How Russia plans to take the high ground

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2095
Bulletins - October 6, 2016

Russian anti-corruption officials behaving badly;
The Kremlin blocks further international aid to Ukraine

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2157
Bulletins - October 4, 2016

Is Russia ready for a woman president?;
Russia's dying diplomats

Mother Russia Is Still Struggling With Demography
Articles - October 3, 2016

How healthy is Russia, really? Over the past several years, the official narrative of Vladimir Putin's government has been clear and consistent: thanks to firm leadership, the demographic problems that once plagued Russia and the Soviet Union are now effectively a thing of the past. 

Cyber Insecurity: Navigating the Perils of the Next Information Age
Books - October 2016
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2094
Bulletins - September 27, 2016

The wages of economic crisis;
Moscow, Ankara make nice

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2093
Bulletins - September 21, 2016

 Moscow, Ankara move closer;
Putin muzzles public opinion

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2092
Bulletins - September 14, 2016


Information dominance in the name of counterterrorism;
Kadyrov cleans house ahead of elections




Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2091
Bulletins - September 7, 2016

Moscow eyes the Middle East;
Military modernization above all

The Uncomfortable Alliance
Articles - September 6, 2016

Greater cooperation with Russia in the struggle to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) and other extremist elements in the Muslim World is now being urged by a number of prominent Americans. Russia and America both have a problem with Islamists, goes the argument, so we should work together to defeat the common enemy. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2090
Bulletins - September 2, 2016

A Russian-built backdoor to U.S. intelligence?;
Russian planes, Iranian basing

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2089
Bulletins - August 30, 2016

Russian demography: still dismal;
The high cost of exposing Russia’s doping practices 

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 359
Bulletins - August 24, 2016

Mixed demography in the post-Soviet space;
A Turkish-Azeri entente?;
Central Asia's surveillance states;
Russia's new Silk Road;
Jerusalem, Astana tighten ties

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2088
Bulletins - August 22, 2016

Domestic violence in Russia gets a reprieve;
Putin's bridge to nowhere

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2087
Bulletins - August 18, 2016

New social media oversight... in the name of security;
Moscow's diplomatic cold war with Washington

Blowing Up America's Nuke Policy
Articles - August 16, 2016

President Barack Obama is considering making a "no first use" declaration regarding U.S. nuclear weapons. Under this framework, it would be the policy of the United States not to resort to using nuclear weapons in a potential crisis unless another country did first. This is widely seen as a legacy move in the final months of Obama's presidency, a way to cement his anti-nuclear reputation in history. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2086
Bulletins - August 12, 2016

No Western food for the foreseeable future;
Russian hackers and the Democratic Party

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2085
Bulletins - August 11, 2016

Russia plays fast and loose in Syria;
The latest social media craze, Russian style

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2084
Bulletins - August 10, 2016

A worsening AIDS epidemic;
Russia's Olympic doping scandal deepens

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2083
Bulletins - August 9, 2016

Russia's new extremism list puts journalists on notice;
Sending the S-400 to Crimea

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2082
Bulletins - August 8, 2016

Russian mob makes inroads into Germany;
All eyes on the Arctic

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2081
Bulletins - August 1, 2016

Russian soft power comes to Germany;
Dim hopes for the Duma

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2080
Bulletins - July 29, 2016

American diplomats targeted for harassment... or worse;
Russia's problematic "Wahhabi count"

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2079
Bulletins - July 28, 2016

Russia's secret space base;
Tightening the counterterrorism noose

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2078
Bulletins - July 20, 2016

Russia's growing soft power clout;
Putin's political bank, on the skids

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2077
Bulletins - July 15, 2016

The human cost of the Crimean takeover;
An exodus of intellectual capital

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2076
Bulletins - July 14, 2016

Russia's bridge to nowhere;
Playing fast and loose with New START

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2075
Bulletins - July 6, 2016

Russia's secret nuclear city;
New bases... and military mobilization


Ukraine's New Guard
Articles - July 6, 2016

You could say that Serhiy Kvit is a man on a mission. The soft-spoken 50-year-old former journalist may no longer be Ukraine's minister of education and science, having stepped down from that post back in April as part of a governmental reshuffle that accompanied the resignation of controversial Prime Minister Arsenii Yatsenyuk. But he nonetheless remains at the forefront of the fight for the intellectual future of his country. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2074
Bulletins - July 5, 2016

How Russians see the world;
An escalation in Syria?

China Reform Monitor - No. 1228
Bulletins - July 5, 2016

South Korean and Chinese fishermen clash;
Russia: no S-400s to China before 2018

Beware Russians Bearing Gifts
Articles - June 28, 2016

Slowly but surely, a strategic reorientation is underway in Israel. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a high-profile state visit to Russia. The trip, Netanyahu's fourth in the past year, was a public sign of the rapidly expanding ties between Jerusalem and Moscow. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2073
Bulletins - June 23, 2016

Europe goes wobbly on sanctions against Russia;
Moscow eyes the Baltics

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2072
Bulletins - June 17, 2016

Freedom for Savchenko;
The Kremlin's plan to control the Russian internet

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2071
Bulletins - June 14, 2016

Moscow seeks a stake in internet governance;
New penalties for insulting the national anthem

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2070
Bulletins - June 13, 2016

What Russia learned in Syria;
Russia's schools get militarized

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2069
Bulletins - June 10, 2016

Russia's response to missile defense: missile trains;
Moscow stonewalls on Yanukovych accountability