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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1927
Bulletins - September 30, 2014

Russia faces more sanctions;
Some energy pressure on Poland



Obama's Contradictory War
Articles - September 30, 2014

The Obama administration’s strategy for destroying the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, forces the United States to take sides in Syria’s civil war. But in a three-way war, that can mean taking the wrong side.



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1926
Bulletins - September 29, 2014

Amid Ukraine crisis, more messaging to the Middle East;
A bailout for Rosneft



Putin's aggression won't be stopped by sanctions
Articles - September 28, 2014

The president sets U.S. foreign policy but, with regard to Ukraine, Congress has an opportunity to push the United States in a more fruitful direction by approving bipartisan legislation from the Senate that would give Kiev $350 million in military aid to help it fend off Moscow’s advances.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1928
Bulletins - September 25, 2014

Mr. Poroshenko goes to Washington;
Putin eyes the Baltics and Eastern Europe



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1925
Bulletins - September 24, 2014

NATO moves, and Kremlin countermoves;
The consequences of Moscow-Cairo cooperation



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1924
Bulletins - September 23, 2014

NATO moves, and Kremlin countermoves;
The consequences of Moscow-Cairo cooperation



Russia's Costly Ukrainian Conquest
Articles - September 9, 2014

Ukrainian government and the Russian-directed separatist movement occupying parts of two Ukrainian provinces and Crimea. Few expect it to last because neither side is ready to live with the status quo. 

Ukraine needs to resume fighting to prevent Moscow from permanently controlling separatist-occupied Ukraine. Moscow needs to resume fighting to achieve its further territorial ambitions in Ukraine. Further, if Russian President Vladimir Putin is stopped in Ukraine, it will complicate his designs on the territory of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova and other parts of the former USSR. How is this likely to play out? 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1923
Bulletins - September 8, 2014

Talks, but no peace;
Ripples of the Ukraine crisis on Wall Street



Ukraine: What Must Be Done Now
Articles - September 8, 2014

Don’t let the latest news out of Ukraine fool you; Russia actually invaded Ukraine six months ago. What is happening today is just an intensification of that assault. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1922
Bulletins - September 3, 2014

Moscow's media offensive;
Shedding America's space dependency on Russia



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1921
Bulletins - September 2, 2014

Ripples from the Ukraine crisis;
Battle robots to protect Russia’s missile arsenal



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1920
Bulletins - August 29, 2014

More assistance from Russia for Ukraine separatists;
Continued Russian-American cooperation on Afghanistan



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1918
Bulletins - August 25, 2014

A broader ban on Western foodstuffs;
An unexpected product of Ukraine: separatist stirrings in Siberia

Last Shot For Reality To Pierce Russian Fantasy
Articles - August 25, 2014

On Tuesday, Russian president Vladimir Putin will meet with his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, in Minsk, Belarus in an effort to bring an end to the crisis in Ukraine. The summit is shaping up to be a critical turning point in the six-month-old conflict over the soul of Ukraine. 

A Time for Deterrance
Articles - August 21, 2014

 American politician and poet Eugene McCarthy once said that the media are like blackbirds on a telegraph pole. Once the impulse goes through, they all jump in the same direction. Fortunately for McCarthy, the Washington punditocracy was not as developed then as it is now.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1917
Bulletins - August 19, 2014

Moscow shapes media coverage of Ukraine;
After new Western sanctions, a food fight



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1916
Bulletins - August 11, 2014

Alcoholism still a scourge for Russian males;
Bloggers in the crosshairs



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1915
Bulletins - August 8, 2014

Emigration on the upswing;
Separatist stirrings in Siberia?



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1914
Bulletins - August 7, 2014

Russian intelligence directing Ukrainian separatists;
Starving Russian media

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1913
Bulletins - August 6, 2014

A tragedy in the skies over Ukraine;
Educating true Russians



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1912
Bulletins - August 4, 2014
More gains for Moscow in Latin America;
State Department details Russian meddling in Ukraine


Russia’s Dangerous Arctic Adventurism
Articles - July 30, 2014

Today the world continues to focus on Moscow’s brazen aggression in Ukraine and its blatant disregard for international law. However, Russia’s imperial delusions and energy dependence are also creating major problems elsewhere in the world, including in the Arctic — a vast, energy-rich region where the Kremlin has both great ambitions and is pursuing dangerous policies. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1911
Bulletins - July 28, 2014

Ukraine crisis causes spike in capital flight from Russia;
The Kremlin expands its footprint in the Americas



Siren Call Of Empire Will Wreck Russia
Articles - July 28, 2014

The downing of Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 cast a harsh, lurid and revealing light upon Russia's war in Ukraine. 

Its most immediate effect was to place the brutality of Russian-led forces in full view. 

The Great War, Again?
Articles - July 25, 2014

It was a century ago this summer – on June 28, 1914 – that Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip fired the "shot heard round the world," assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire, in Sarajevo. The killing served as a catalyst for conflict, bringing long-simmering tensions between various European nations to a boil. The result was a conflagration that was both global in scale and massive in its human toll. All told, more than 37 million souls perished in what became known as the "war to end all wars."

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1910
Bulletins - July 18, 2014
The costs of annexing Crimea;
Russian nationalists discontented with the Kremlin


Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1909
Bulletins - July 16, 2014

A false start for Russia’s space program;
The Kremlin reiterates its support for Syria... and hints at action in Iraq



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1908
Bulletins - July 15, 2014
A turnaround for Russian demography?;
A farewell to Ukrainian arms


Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1907
Bulletins - July 7, 2014

A quiet campaign to thwart energy independence in Europe;
Another charge against Navalny



Wanted: A Real War Of Ideas With Russia
Articles - July 3, 2014

Don't look now, but Moscow is winning the media war. 

Since the start of the crisis over Ukraine some four months ago, Russia has waged a massive, sustained media campaign to shape global perceptions about events taking place on the ground there. This offensive—carried out en masse via state-run outlets like Russia Today and through an onslaught of print, radio and television reports—has included everything from blatant mischaracterizations of Ukraine's political parties to outright fabrications about the extent of the pro-Russian sentiment that exists in the south and east of the country. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1906
Bulletins - July 2, 2014

Curbing violence in Dagestan, one gun at a time;
Arming Russia a lucrative business for Europe



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1905
Bulletins - July 1, 2014

Putin's soaring popularity;
Russian INF violations draw Congressional ire



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1904
Bulletins - June 23, 2014

South Stream becomes a casualty of Crimea;
Renewed curbs on Russian NGOs



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1903
Bulletins - June 19, 2014
Bringing Crimea up to code;
Hamas seeks support in Moscow


Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1902
Bulletins - June 16, 2014

Humanitarian corridors for Ukraine, but not Syria;
ROSATOM’s bright future



Mistral Ship Sale to Russia Will Shipwreck EU
Articles - June 10, 2014
German statesman Otto von Bismarck famously observed that Europe represented merely a geographical notion, not a unified political entity. Russia's annexation of Crimea has again validated this acerbic insight. And, amid the absence of any Western or European unity, the sale of the France's highly advanced Mistral-class warships to Russia looms large.
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1900
Bulletins - June 9, 2014

Jihad from Crimea?;
In Ukraine, new leadership - and new momentum toward the West



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1899
Bulletins - June 3, 2014

Russia, China ink landmark gas deal;
New Russian space strategy looks beyond the U.S.



A Resounding Rejection Of Russia
Articles - May 28, 2014

Perhaps the most striking thing about the recent national election in Ukraine is just how significant a reversal of fortune it represents for Russia.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1898
Bulletins - May 28, 2014

Putin's handling of Ukraine plays well at home;
The Kremlin looks east



What Crimea Teaches Central Asia
Articles - May 27, 2014

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has called Russia’s invasion, occupation and annexation of the Crimean peninsula. along with its incitement of a civil war in Eastern Ukraine. a game-changer. One region where this description could possess particular resonance is Central Asia. All Central Asian governments have considerable reasons for alarm in the wake of Russia’s actions and the supine Western response. In this context, Vladimir Putin’s speech to the Duma of March 18, 2014 represented a landmine under the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all five Central Asian states with the threat of Russian military action should they somehow threaten the dignity and honor of Russians who are citizens in their states.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1897
Bulletins - May 22, 2014


Expanding horizons for Russo-Iranian trade;
Germany and the European sanctions consensus



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1896
Bulletins - May 21, 2014

A step forward with Cairo;
One, two, many Crimeas



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1894
Bulletins - May 15, 2014

Crimea as casus belli;
Moscow steps up activity in the Pacific



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1893
Bulletins - May 12, 2014


More Russo-Iranian cooperation;
Russia versus the blogosphere



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1892
Bulletins - May 6, 2014


Looking for Putin’s rubles;
New sanctions bite a bit harder



The Many Paradoxes Of The Ukraine Crisis
Articles - April 30, 2014

The most recent developments in Ukraine as of April 25 betray a mounting series of dangerous paradoxes. First, Russian officials from Putin down have consistently denied reports of Russian troops either in Crimea or now Eastern Ukraine. But Putin in his call-in show on April 17 admitted that they were present in Crimea and even linked that presence to the subsequent referendum though he claimed it was a fully democratic exercise where nobody was intimidated. Meanwhile, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Putin and his officials deny the presence of Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1891
Bulletins - April 29, 2014

Crimea: Russia’s newest gambling haven;
All eyes on the Arctic



Putin’s Glorified Version Of Russian Nationality
Articles - April 28, 2014

 It seems more apparent that Russia's war against Ukraine also aims to impose a new ideological-political order in Russia if not the entire Commonwealth of Independent States. At home, this war has featured a massive, unrelenting propaganda offensive depicting Ukraine as a Hobbesian nightmare of civil anarchy and Russia as a unique Christian civilization under siege from the secularizing and nihilistic West. Russia explains the siege against it in geopolitical terms — as an effort to prevent the country from becoming a great power again. Russia also presents the attack in ideological terms— as an attempt to foist an alien and corrupt Western civilization and culture upon it.