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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1965
Bulletins - March 20, 2015

Coming clean on Crimea;
A step forward in the Arctic, and a step back on energy



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1964
Bulletins - March 17, 2015
An increasingly costly Ukraine policy;
Speedy arrest of suspects in Nemtsov's murder


Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1963
Bulletins - March 16, 2015


Ripples from Nemtsov's murder;
Hungry in Russia



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1962
Bulletins - March 13, 2015

Advances in the Arctic, and the Eastern Mediterranean;
Nemtsov killing rocks Russia



SYMPOSIUM: How Dangerous Is Vladimir Putin?
Articles - March 9, 2015

With the likes of the Islamic State's self-declared caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the running, the competition is stiff indeed. But it would be fair to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin currently ranks as one of the world's most dangerous men. 

Protecting the Baltics
Articles - March 9, 2015

There is an old piece of folk wisdom which, in light of current events, must translate neatly into Russian: "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

As an already shaky second cease-fire crumbles following the Russian capture of the Ukrainian town of Debaltsevo and with Moscow's intent to also seize Mariupol, it is becoming ever clearer that Russia has no intention of keeping the peace with Ukraine — and that the Kremlin is emboldened by what it perceives to be Western weakness.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1961
Bulletins - March 6, 2015

No economic relief in sight;
Russia's regions get emptier



The Message Behind Nemtsov's Murder
Articles - March 4, 2015

Russia's political opposition has been put on notice. The Feb. 27 murder of prominent opposition leader Boris Nemtsov just steps from the Kremlin marks a dramatic escalation of the Russian regime's long-running war on its opponents. Nemtsov, after all, wasn't merely a dissenting politician. He was part of the old system, having served as a deputy prime minister in the government of President Boris Yeltsin in the late 1990s. Beginning in the early 2000s, Nemtsov had moved into the political opposition, emerging as a critic of Yeltsin's successor, Vladimir Putin, and his policies. Even so, his position as a member of Yeltsin's inner circle had given him a degree of immunity from official retribution.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1960
Bulletins - March 2, 2015

Russia: a champion of European security;
Once again, Moscow is the main enemy



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1959
Bulletins - February 28, 2015

Help for "strategic" companies;
Savchenko: A symbol of the Russia-Ukraine conflict



How Not To Fight Violent Extremism
Articles - February 27, 2015

What could the White House have been thinking? The Obama administration's recently concluded Summit on Countering Violent Extremism was a high-profile affair, bringing together key world leaders and decisionmakers on a critical topic at a critical time. But it was also punctuated by instances of stunning tone-deafness, and a profound failure to understand the dynamics of terrorism in its many forms. 

A Global Popularity Contest
Articles - February 25, 2015

Is Russia making a global comeback in spite of Western sanctions and political pressure from the United States and Europe? On the surface, it certainly seems like it.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1958
Bulletins - February 24, 2015

A shrinking budget for Russia's media blitz;
Pentagon report: Putin has Aspberger's



Ukraine: The West Has Promises To Keep
Articles - February 24, 2015

At a summit meeting in Minsk, Belarus, on February 12, Russia and Ukraine agreed anew to a cessation of hostilities in the year-old conflict between them. On hearing the news, Washington and other Western capitals let out a collective sigh of relief. But there was good reason from the start to be skeptical that the ceasefire would hold. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1957
Bulletins - February 19, 2015

Russian military focuses on nukes and new partners;
Discrimination in Crimea



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1956
Bulletins - February 17, 2015

More economic woes... and profligate spending;
Designating Russia a terror state



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1955
Bulletins - February 5, 2015

After South Stream, energy uncertainty;
Capital will continue fleeing in 2015



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1954
Bulletins - February 3, 2015

Nuclear security unilateralism;
A helping hand against Boko Haram



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1953
Bulletins - January 29, 2015


In Moscow, jitters about Charlie Hebdo;
Crimea's new economic reality



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1952
Bulletins - January 28, 2015

Back to instability in the North Caucasus;
New curbs on drivers, migrants and laborers



Rhetoric Versus Reality On Ukraine
Articles - January 26, 2015

To hear President Obama tell it, the West is winning in Ukraine. In his State of the Union Address last week, the President sounded downright triumphant in his description of the current situation in Eastern Europe. "We're upholding the principle that bigger nations can't bully the small - by opposing Russian aggression, supporting Ukraine's democracy, and reassuring our NATO allies," he insisted publicly. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1951
Bulletins - January 23, 2015


New salience for the Islamic State;
Russia's info war against the West



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1950
Bulletins - January 21, 2015

Fighter planes for Argentina;
Banning the Islamic State



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1949
Bulletins - January 14, 2015

Kudrin: Russia on the cusp of "full-fledged" economic crisis;
Kyiv moves West, riling Moscow



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1948
Bulletins - January 9, 2015

New signs of life among the Russian opposition;
Moscow maintains focus on nuke modernization, and the Arctic



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1947
Bulletins - January 6, 2015

Is Russia rethinking preemptive nuclear war?;
Funding only for patriotic films



Russia’s Vladimir Putin Clearly Wants To Dominate All Of Europe
Articles - December 29, 2014

Since Vladimir Putin launched his war against Ukraine back in February, speculation has run rampant about the Russian president's objectives. While objectives change in the course of any war, Mr. Putin himself has admitted that the invasion of Crimea was a strategic decision that, therefore, had strategic objectives in mind. Those objectives also relate to the current fighting in the Donbas region (encompassing Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk provinces). As such, Russia's conduct repudiates the speculation in Washington that Russia's Ukraine policy is something of an improvisation. Rather, U.S. policymakers would be well-served in trying to figure out the factors driving Mr. Putin's decision-making, both at home and abroad. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1946
Bulletins - December 22, 2014

Movement on Russian demographics... and missile defense;
Moscow's media boss in the Congressional crosshairs



American Deterrence and Future Conflicts
Policy Papers - December 22, 2014

On the centennial of the start of World War I—a war that began largely as a result of crisis miscalculations

and escalations—we are entering a new era with important implications for deterrence, escalation control, and coalition management. Today, like at the time of World War I, we confront a large number of actors who have the potential to misread cues and red lines while relying on treaty relationships if they miscalculate. Then, as now, military technologies were widely diffused. Prevailing assumptions about how an adversary (or potential adversary) would react in a crisis or confrontation were based on imperfect intelligence and inadequate understanding of red lines...
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1945
Bulletins - December 18, 2014

Renewed terror in Chechnya;
A "delusional" State of the Nation



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1944
Bulletins - December 16, 2014

Putin's plan to make friends and influence people;
A shift in energy direction



Ukraine's Real Crisis: A Demographics and Health Time Bomb
Articles - December 15, 2014

Ukraine suffers more afflictions than Job. Most Western attention focuses on responding to the military confrontation with Russia and then on the economic and political consequences of two decades of oligarchic misrule. However, Ukraine also inherited at independence a genuine crisis in health and demographics, the product of catastrophic policies of the Soviet era compounded by the continuing stress of the post-Soviet transition.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1943
Bulletins - December 11, 2014

How Putin does political business;
The EU goes wobbly



Rage Comes To Russia
Articles - December 8, 2014

In recent months, discussions of Russia in Washington and European capitals have focused on the Kremlin's ongoing neoimperialist aggression against Ukraine. But Wednesday's coordinated terrorist assault on the Chechen capitol of Grozny—which left at least 20 dead and scores more injured—should refocus global attention on a problem that Russia itself increasingly is confronting: a resilient wave of radical Islam.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1942
Bulletins - December 4, 2014

A mounting buckwheat panic;
Fear and loathing in Moscow



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1941
Bulletins - December 2, 2014

Economic storm clouds on the horizon;
Russia, Pakistan eye post-Coalition future



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1940
Bulletins - November 27, 2014

Narrowed horizons for nuclear, space cooperation;
Russia's soldiers versus Putin's Ukraine policy



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1939
Bulletins - November 21, 2014

Iran, Russia expand nuclear ties;
The Ukraine war, round two



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1938
Bulletins - November 19, 2014

How Russian hackers compromised U.S. critical infrastructure;
One, two, many Putins



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1937
Bulletins - November 18, 2014

Europe stays the course on Russia sanctions;
Is Russia the key to a nuclear deal with Iran?



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1936
Bulletins - November 17, 2014

Ukraine votes for the West;
Moscow moves against Islamic State sympathizers



Clock Is Ticking To Arm Ukraine
Articles - November 17, 2014

Welcome to the Ukraine war, round two. In recent days, European observers, NATO forces and media outlets have all reported what amounts to a massive influx of Russian war material and personnel into Ukraine — a development that has fanned fears of a fresh cycle of violence between Moscow and Kiev. The news is a timely reminder that the conflict precipitated earlier this year by Russia's annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and subsequent efforts at subversion in eastern and southern Ukraine is, in fact, far from over. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1935
Bulletins - November 11, 2014

Still more economic turbulence... and mounting protectionism;

Sino-Russian collaboration in cyberspace
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 354
Bulletins - November 10, 2014

Wagah border terror attack;
India opposes UN votes on nonproliferation;
Sri Lanka opens port to Chinese sub again;
Pentagon calls out Pakistan


The Fall Of The Berlin Wall: A Forgotten Part Of The Story
Articles - November 9, 2014

Twenty-five years ago, the opening of the Berlin Wall transfixed the world, but somewhat obscured a bigger story: the peaceable seizure of the state by that part of East German society that did not want to go to the West. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1934
Bulletins - November 4, 2014


Greater cybersecurity for Russia's strategic arsenal;
Ukraine-related economic woes persist



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1933
Bulletins - November 3, 2014

Dusting off Dzerzhinsky;
Friendship with China, adversarialism with Japan



Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1932
Bulletins - October 29, 2014
Putin: Russia's Hercules;
Tactical nukes to Crimea
Double Talk And Double Standards
Articles - October 29, 2014

Recently, Human Rights Watch reported that both sides in the war on Ukraine had employed cluster bombs. The story, however, quickly received a curious spin. In an article for the New York Times, Andrew Roth headlined that Ukraine alone had employed these weapons. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1931
Bulletins - October 23, 2014


Some energy assistance for Ukraine;
Foreign exchanges on ice