The American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) Defense Technology Program is built on four core initiatives - an e-journal, Hill briefings, the Defense Technology Monitor, and Strategic Primers. These projects fill a critical void by helping inform policymakers through access to timely, focused information on topics that affect U.S. national security and foreign policy interests. Led by Program Director Rich Harrison, data from the program's core initiatives is increasingly used by policymakers and members of the defense and intelligence community.

Defense Dossier e-journal – In December 2011, AFPC began publishing an online magazine (e-journal) to highlight emerging national security threats to the U.S.  The journal is disseminated three times a year and typically contains five scholarly articles by subject matter experts.

Capitol Hill Educational Briefings/Conferences – Several times a year AFPC hosts lunch briefings for key Congressional staffers in the House and Senate featuring presentations by noted subject matter experts. To ensure that the briefers’ messages are captured for the staffers who are not able to attend the briefing, papers based on the speakers’ remarks are disseminated after the events in Defense Technology Program Briefs and also made available on the AFPC website.

Defense Technology Monitor – AFPC publishes the Defense Technology Monitor, a monthly review of developments in both domestic and international defense technology. The monitor previously focused on missile defense (formally the Missile Defense Briefing Report), but has since been broadened to encompass issues including cybersecurity, autonomous weapon systems, directed energy weapons, and electro-magnetic pulse weapons among several others.

Strategic Primers – This new initiative provides a concise, comprehensive overview of specific defense technology issues presented in a clear, direct, and graphical manner to provide an accessible reference to policymakers (and the general public). The Strategic Primers are balanced representations of the potential benefits and limitations of a particular technology. They discuss the history and uses, assess the challenges, and discuss U.S. adversaries’ use of the technology. Please click on the links below to view the Strategic Primers:

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