AFPC Experts in Indonesia

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Related Expert: Ilan I. Berman, James Clad

Between April 15 and 21, AFPC Senior Vice President Ilan Berman and AFPC Senior Fellow for Asia James Clad visited Indonesia as part of a fact-finding mission focused on politics and religion. In Jakarta, they met with a broad range of scholars, officials, policy practitioners, and religious authorities to learn about the current political environment in the world’s largest majority-Muslim country, and the role that the country’s mass Islamic movements play in shaping society and policy. Berman then journeyed onward to Magalang in Central Java, where he participated in activities organized by the country’s largest Muslim movement, the Nahdlatul Ulema (NU), and met with top NU officials to discuss the Indonesian model of Islam Nusantara and its applicability to the current “war of ideas” taking place in the Muslim world.