Great Power Podcast - Episode 19: “Burn it Like a Witch”: Can We Ban TikTok?

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues; International Economics and Trade; China
Related Expert: Michael Sobolik

In this episode of GREAT POWER PODCAST, host Michael Sobolik speaks with Sarah Isgur about the legal issues surrounding a possible TikTok ban, how different bills on Capitol Hill address these realities, and the merits of TikTok's possible legal objections.
Guest biography
Sarah Isgur is a senior editor of The Dispatch and host of the Advisory Opinions podcast. With experience on three presidential campaigns and all three branches, she knows how decisions in Washington get made., and former spokesperson in the United States Department of Justice. Isgur was campaign manager for the Carly Fiorina 2016 presidential campaign. She also worked for the 2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign. In 2016, she was a fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics.
Resources from the conversation
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