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June 15, 2021 Peter Garretson Defense Technology Program Brief

Clarifying the Planetary Defense Mission

Since 2005, Congress has recognized that an asteroid impact represents a serious threat to national security. Though Congress tasked NASA to survey hazardous asteroids larger than 140m by 2020, sixteen years later it remains incomplete.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 16

October 12, 2021

Industry report: China-DRC mining deal "unconscionable";
Ethiopia's national airline implicated in weapons shipments...; Ahmed closes Ethiopian embassy in Dublin;
Egypt eyes Africa's tech market;
Algeria's circle of friends gets smaller

China Reform Monitor No. 1491

January 24, 2022

PRC population growth rate continues to plummet;
Xi Jinping calls for more regulation on digital economy;
China launches yet another center on Xi Jinping thought;
By 2025, China will expand high-speed railway by more than 30%;
Taliban requests China's official recognition

Defense Technology Monitor No. 73

January 25, 2022

3D printing: a key space-enabling technology;
Chinese AI is designing weapons;
Space solar power sees sunlight;
China speeds hypersonic weapon production…;
...while also improving effectiveness

Global Islamism Monitor No. 97

January 21, 2022

Hezbollah plays politics in the Persian Gulf;
Iran's ideological divide;
Iraq repatriates ISIS refugees;
A reshuffled deck in Afghanistan…;
...and the Taliban's open door policy

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 23

January 21, 2022

Kazakh unrest bolsters Moscow's influence, raises questions for Beijing;
Biden's Asia Czar warns of "strategic surprise" in the Indo-Pacific;
Beijing pushes border claims with Bhutan…;
...while seeking to deescalate tensions with India;
India grapples with brain drain, inequality

Information Warfare Watch No. 9

December 9, 2021

What ISIS is saying now on social media;
New tech in the disinformation wars;
Belarus clamps down at home...;
...and misbehaves abroad;
The Kremlin finds a new target: TOR

Resource Security Watch No. 40

October 7, 2021

Crimean drought escalates tensions between Ukraine and Russia;
Climate change and the military;
Congress focuses on rare earths as part of infrastructure bill...;
...and in new legislation;
After withdrawal, a new contest over Afghanistan

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2507

January 21, 2022

Russia has Europe over a barrel;
A domestic fight over qr codes;
What Washington might do if Russia invades Ukraine;
The threat of a Russian "false flag";
Connecting the Arctic