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Africa Political Monitor No. 28

September 5, 2023

Niger Coup: Europeans look for an exit; 
...As Washington mulls pulling up stakes...
...While ECOWAS threatens consequences...
...And the African Union suspends Niamey; 
The AU leaves Somalia, creating security challenges; 
Uganda's troubling trajectory; 
A way out of Kenya's unrest 

China Policy Monitor No. 1567

September 25, 2023

China's Defense Minister disappears; 
China uses AI to sow disinformation about Hawaii fires; 
UK Parliament researcher arrested amid China spy claims; 
Canada launches inquiry into foreign interference; 
China, Russia to build border grain terminal

Defense Technology Monitor No. 91

August 18, 2023

Israel developing anti-hypersonic capabilities...
...And a sea-based system;
Nurturing AI technology;
Britain seeks quantum sensors;
Beijing's new defense against directed energy weapons

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 35

September 22, 2023

Tokyo Fights to Keep the Black Sea Deal Alive; 
Manila Pushes to Fast-Track Defense Sits for Washington;
With an Eye on Beijing, Canberra Calibrates Foreign Aid; 
Palau Empowers America to Police Its Waters

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 230

May 5, 2023

Iran's growing boldness on the high seas...
...And in cyberspace;
The shadowy domestic organization beating back Iran's protests;
Congressional pressure on Biden's Iran policy builds

Russia Policy Monitor No. 2604

September 28, 2023

Speculation surrounds Chechnya's strongman; 
A deepening gold trade with Abu Dhabi; 
The high cost of avoiding military service; 
More signs of long-term military planning; 
A fire sale in Crimea