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January 15, 2021 Michael Sobolik, David Knapp Indo-Pacific Security Program Memorandum

Xinjiang and the Genocide Question

Measured by the standards outlined in Article II of the Genocide Convention, it becomes clear that Chinese authorities are, at a minimum, guilty of three separate acts of genocide in Xinjiang.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 12

March 4, 2021

Asian tensions a boon for Africa;
2020: The year of Tunisian immigration;
Russian vaccines to the rescue;
Eritrean troops believed behind massacre in Axum

China Reform Monitor No. 1960

April 9, 2021

"China's schoolkids buckle under pressure" - CAIXIN;
BBC China correspondent moves to Taiwan after threats;
UK urges G7: "It's time to get tough with China";
Hong Kong does not warrant special status, says Blinken;
A sitting U.S. ambassador visits Taiwan for the first time since 1979

Defense Technology Monitor No. 63

April 2, 2021

Rethinking rocket fuel sources;
The tech promise of plants;
Simulating the human brain with cobalt;
Resilient, regenerative materials;
U.S. Army develops pulsed laser weapon

Global Islamism Monitor No. 86

March 11, 2021

Thinking anew about ISIS finances in Washington...; the Islamic State surges in Iraq...;
...and focuses on Syria's refugee camps;
France's shifting counterterrorism project in Africa 

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 15

February 22, 2021

Burma's military asserts dominance;
Istanbul, Tehran, Islamabad renew plans for Asian railroad;
Thai protesters embrace new tactics;
China ups the ante in the South China Sea

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 216

April 6, 2021

Iran's burgeoning naval arsenal;
How Iran learned to love cryptocurrency;
Tehran works to silence its critics;
Iran's deepening religious roots in Syria

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2454

April 9, 2021

Russian military buildup spurring Ukrainian fears;
Nine doctors detained as Navalny health concerns soar;
EU regulator to investigate Sputnik trials;
Russia, Pakistan tighten military ties;
White House: Rejoining open skies will send "wrong message";
Zoom blocks government access, Kremlin threatens ban