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February 22, 2023 Peter Garretson Space Policy Review

The Starship Singularity

Starship, due to its reusability, size, and power, will dramatically improve access to low Earth orbit that will greatly support the expansion of public-and private-sector activity in space.

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Latest In-House Bulletins

Africa Political Monitor No. 23

March 29, 2023

Nigeria's election ignites further divide and doubt;
France rethinks Africa;
Uganda seeks nuclear status;
Mali's referendum delayed once more;
DRC violence prompts an exodus

China Reform Monitor No. 1543

March 29, 2023

U.S. will send Taiwan $619 million in arms amid PLA pressure;
China building scores of coal power plants;
China launches satellites to compete with Starlink;
Local debt rings alarms;
Younger Chinese struggle to find employment

Defense Technology Monitor No. 86

March 20, 2023

China focuses on laser mitigation;
Talking to hypersonics; 
The end of encryption?;
The problems with planetary defense;
A reusable interceptor for hypersonics?

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 30

February 27, 2023

India announces major investments in great Nicobar Island;
Manila opens additional military sites to Washington;
South Korea flirts with the nuclear issue;
Indonesia moves forward with resource mining in South China Sea

Information Warfare Watch No. 21

March 13, 2023

TV rain runs aground in Riga...
...And gets a new lease on life in Amsterdam;
The PRC tones down the rhetoric... Sort of;
Facebook as arbiter of COVID truth;
The digital fight for Iran

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 229

February 6, 2023

Iran squanders its natural gas wealth;
In Europe, a debate over the IRGC...
...And consensus on human rights;
What Iranians think of the protests... And their future

Resource Security Watch No. 48

February 7, 2023

Tackling Africa's food and flooding crisis;
Anticipating an energy transition;
U.S., UAE building clean energy framework;
The fight over french water

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2574

March 29, 2023

Solovyov advocates soviet tactics against Ukraine;
More men for Putin's war machine;
Russia prepares for Crimean counteroffensive;
Wagner's recruitment drive;
Russia's collapsing arms industry

South Asia Strategy Monitor No. 6

March 17, 2023

Afghanistan's neighbors organize;
India invests in Arunachal Pradesh;
Amid coalition crisis, Nepal elects third president;
India, Australia aim to boost ties