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June 15, 2021 Peter Garretson Defense Technology Program Brief

Clarifying the Planetary Defense Mission

Since 2005, Congress has recognized that an asteroid impact represents a serious threat to national security. Though Congress tasked NASA to survey hazardous asteroids larger than 140m by 2020, sixteen years later it remains incomplete.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 15

September 1, 2021

Algeria cuts diplomatic ties to Morocco;
The Sudans: An agenda for growth;
Congo rethinks China deals;
Ethiopian rebels accused of war crimes...;
...As U.S. sanctions eritrean military chief

China Reform Monitor No. 1478

September 14, 2021

China's crackdown on culture continues;
Local governments accused of "fabricating economic data";
Prenatal test under international scrutiny for military links;
Tienanmen vigil organizers in Hong Kong charged;
China using Honduras election to "create controversy"; Taipei

Defense Technology Monitor No. 66

July 16, 2021

U.S. special ops to use Israeli indoor drones...; China develops counter drone tech;
A royal robotic submarine;
Russian war robots join the ranks;
New Army eyes saving lives

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 20

September 3, 2021

Abraham Accords offer New Delhi a new opening...;
...while the Taliban's ascent complicates India's calculus;
Changing South Korean attitudes about China, Japan;
Taipei warns Beijing can "paralyze" its defenses;
Thailand's unrest continues

Information Warfare Watch No. 7

September 1, 2021

How social media helped the Taliban win;
Afghanistan: A problem for platforms;
Kyiv works to limit Moscow's messaging;
Due to disinfo, Latvia lags on health;
Cracking down on anti-vaccine disinformation

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2488

September 24, 2021

Russian detained in Prague on Crimea-related charges;
New Dzerzhinsky monuments cause a stir;
Dissident investigation claims Lavrov mistress;
Communist party will not recognize e-votes;
Belarus included in the SCO's "Peace Mission 2021";
Russia found responsible for Litvinenko assassination