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April 22, 2019 Ilan I. Berman

Iran Strategy Brief No. 13: Reforming U.S. Persian Language Media - A preliminary Assessment

In the Spring of 2017, the management of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the U.S. government’s official coordinating body for international media, approached the American Foreign Policy Council with a request. In response to persistent criticism from lawmakers on Capitol Hill, as well as mounting pressure from the newly-inaugurated Trump administration, the agency sought to commission an independent review of the content of its Persian-language media outreach. Such a process, BBG professionals explained, would help the agency to identify and rectify significant deficiencies at a time when the role of U.S. broadcasting toward the Islamic Republic was a topic of growing scrutiny (and skepticism) among those formulating the country’s strategy toward Iran...

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Defense Technology Monitor No. 39

April 1, 2019

Russia's new dazzling disorienter;
Russian nuclear-powered missile could cruise for days;
U.S. Army casts net to capture drones;
Chinese drones trending toward autonomy and lethality;
A step closer to super soldiers

Global Islamism Monitor No. 63

March 29, 2019

Toward a truce with the Taliban;
Malaysia cracks down on anti-Islam sentiment;
ISIS thrives in the Philippines;
What should be done with ISIS children?;
Kyrgyzstan gets serious about online radicalization;
Pakistan belatedly moves against banned groups

Iran Democracy Monitor 194

March 25, 2019

The Ayatollah prefers guns over butter;
Tehran leads in executions, again;
Gulf worries over Iranian intentions;
Israel redoubles its Syria commitment;
The true cost of U.S. sanctions

Resource Security Watch No. 17

December 11, 2018

Kerala under quarantine;
Rising temperatures a challenge for millions in South Asia;
Ankara, Baghdad come to hydrological terms;
A bug-heat link;
The DRC gets aheads of the Ebola crisis

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2304

April 16, 2019

Back to arms control?;
The shadow rulers of captured states;
A growing Russian presence in Venezuela;
Russia's nervous press toes the official line;
Moscow's military mind control