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Africa Political Monitor No. 6

August 25, 2020

After the wake of the UAE deal, closer Israeli ties with Sudan?;
Libyan rebels woo Rabat;
AFRICOM to be moved as part of US troop drawdown;
India's answer to the BRI involves Africa;
Russia expands continental military footprint

China Reform Monitor No. 1433

September 17, 2020

China's semiconductor trade booms...; Beijing looks to dominate production;
Australian journalists flee China;
China's bullying "won't to be tolerated" – Canberra;
Disney's Mulan filmed in Xinjiang amid Uighur genocide

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 11

September 11, 2020

The limits of the Saudi-Pakistani partnership;
Thai protests challenge the military-monarchy nexus;
Indian takes the high ground at Pangong Lake;
Huawei contract left PNG data center defenseless

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 211

September 14, 2020

​Iran's censorship noose tightens;
Rights​​ watchdog details depths of regime brutality;
Opposition calls for stepped up U.S. assistance

Resource Security Watch No. 30

September 2, 2020

​Oil markets stabilize, slowly;
Amazon deforestation becomes a global trade issue;
Kids, a casualty of the pandemic;
FATF to focus on environmental crimes;
The mystery of the Chinese seeds

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2413

September 17, 2020

Navalny turns a corner;
Cossacks police Pride parade in the Urals;
Biden team targeted by hackers;
Vaccine data already suspect;
A show of military unity with Belarus;
Safronov's day in court delayed