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Africa Political Monitor No. 5

August 5, 2020

Chinese construction in South Sudan hits roadblock;
Germany, Morocco find common ground on green energy;
Iran illegally fishes of Somali coast;
French oil multinational secures gas project in Mozambique;
Egyptian hackers target Ethiopian government over GERD;
Sudan's government secures foreign aid

China Reform Monitor No. 1426

August 5, 2020

China faces massive floods...;
...raising questions about the Three Gorges Dam;
U.S. announces Taiwan arms China sanctions Lockeed;
U.S. sanctions top PRC official over Muslim abuses; China sanctions U.S. lawmakers

Defense Technology Monitor No. 54

July 1, 2020

New 3D printing technique changes the game;
Plasma serves as new missile decoy;
Power-beaming test on board space plane;
USAF launches AI to control drones;
Navy demonstrates new laser at sea

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 10

August 5, 2020

China bets on Iran for Belt and Road success in Middle East;
Five Eyes considers economic pact, expanding membership;
Malaysia echoes U.S. policy, rejects China's territorial claims;
Pakistan-China partnership faces insurgent opposition

Resource Security Watch No. 29

July 29, 2020

Siberian disaster a wake up call for the Kremlin;
Crude rises, Shale stagnates;
Yemen's deepening humanitarian crisis;
Pakistani farmers become bug collectors

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2404

August 6, 2020

Russian religious news channel removed from YouTube;
Wagner mercenaries arrested in Belarus;
Russian COVID-19 shot to be ready in August;
Another American sentenced