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Africa Political Monitor No. 4

June 22, 2020

Sudan dips its toe into the LIbyan civil war;
German funds Tunisian financial sector reform;
Russian weapons exports to the continent on the rise;
Conflict flares along Sudan-Ethiopia border;
Germany recommits to Mali-based deployment

China Reform Monitor No. 1421

June 26, 2020

Chinese hackers targeted emails of Biden campaign staffers;
PLA expands high-altitude arsenal;
PLA troops movements amid border tensions;
Russian coronavirus website lists "country of Taiwan";
China opens new rail corridor to Nepal

Defense Technology Monitor No. 53

June 2, 2020

3D printing strengthens U.S. military supply chain;
Space Force invests in jamming;
How AI is evolving;
U.S., Norway team on hypersonics;
Back to the drawing board for a new interceptor

Global Islamism Monitor No. 79

June 30, 2020

The Taliban takes the offensive;
The Islamic State shows new signs of life;
Is America reducing its footprint in the Sinai?;
Turkey to Europe: Take back your radicals

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 9

June 29, 2020


India re-enforces its Himalayan perch as China moves into Galwan;
China challenges the status quo in Pangong Lake;
Regional neighbors seize the moment;
Border dispute spills over into 5G networks, auto production

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2396

July 1, 2020

Nuclear negotiators meet in Austria;
Frontline doctors ordered to vote;
Whelan won't appeal, awaits exchange;
Putin raises taxes, boosts aid on eve of referendum;
Military tech on parade on Moscow;
Russian hackers target Americans working from home