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Africa Political Monitor No. 19

July 21, 2022

Rumor has it, China plans second naval base in Africa;
Ethiopia's TPLF forces the young to fight;
Africa's energy, Europe's predicament;
Mali withdraws from the G5

China Reform Monitor No. 1515

August 9, 2022

U.S. tightens grip on exports of chipmaking gear to China;
China targeted fed to build informant network;
FBI: Chinese telecom equipment could disrupt U.S. military communications;
Jeep factory pulls out of China over government meddling;
China forcibly relocating Tibetans to disputed borders

Defense Technology Monitor No. 78

July 11, 2022

DOD makes progress on space nuclear propulsion;
Novel deepfake detection needed;
Making combat vehicles current;
China advances the automation of its drone swarms;
Wanted: Big Tech in a small package

Global Islamism Monitor No. 98

June 27, 2022

A foiled ISIS assassination;
Sahel militancy surges;
Islamism and Bangladeshi cyberspace;
Pakistan's new government makes counterterrorism a priority;
The detainee threat persists

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 26

August 9, 2022

Sri Lanka's debt drama;
Nepal balks at national guard partnership with U.S.;
Modi remains silent as ethno-religious violence in India continues;
Drama among Pacific island nations leads back to Beijing;
Cambodia continues China tilt, breaks ground on naval base

Information Warfare Watch No. 14

July 22, 2022

The informational costs of cooperating with China;
A media fight for Iranian dissidents;
Latvia pushes back;
Conspiracies in Syria foreshadow a crisis of truth in Ukraine;
London focuses on foreign influence online

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 224

August 1, 2022

The UN refocuses on human rights in Iran;
How the Russo-Iranian alliance is adapting;
Tehran still seeks WMD tech;
Israel and Iran's nuclear clock

Resource Security Watch No. 44

July 18, 2022

Resource sales fuel Putin's war... for now;
US worries over China's influence over Latin American minerals...; China looks to Africa in the race for lithium;
Russian military moves in the Arctic worry the West