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June 15, 2021 Peter Garretson Defense Technology Program Brief

Clarifying the Planetary Defense Mission

Since 2005, Congress has recognized that an asteroid impact represents a serious threat to national security. Though Congress tasked NASA to survey hazardous asteroids larger than 140m by 2020, sixteen years later it remains incomplete.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 16

October 12, 2021

Industry report: China-DRC mining deal "unconscionable";
Ethiopia's national airline implicated in weapons shipments...; Ahmed closes Ethiopian embassy in Dublin;
Egypt eyes Africa's tech market;
Algeria's circle of friends gets smaller

China Reform Monitor No. 1484

November 26, 2021

India deploys U.S., Israeli weapons system along China border;
China's carbon emissions set to surpass pre-pandemic levels;
Northern China sees heavy smog and coal production spike;
China's $440 billion nuclear buildout;
As new law takes effect, Yahoo and LinkedIn leave China

Defense Technology Monitor No. 69

October 12, 2021

Adapting to adversary radar, on the fly;
New testing for airborne directed energy weapons;
Next up: Solar powered drones?;
3D printed smart armor;
Optimizing high speed drone flight

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 21

October 19, 2021

​With AUKUS, Canberra serves notice to Beijing;
As China increases air sorties, Taiwan signals Australia and America;
BRI frustration festers in Beijing's backyard;
Vietnam angles to offset China's influence over Laos and Cambodia;
North Korea shows growing signs of strains in public health, economy

Information Warfare Watch No. 8

October 21, 2021

Disinformation is reshaping Kenyan discourse;
China's widening social media manipulation;
The U.S. Army focuses on the "information advantage";
Russian disinfo campaigns getting around western defenses;
How AI will revolutionize propaganda

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 220

October 4, 2021

Iran's regime continues to struggle with Covid...;
...and backtracks on Western vaccine ban;
Iranian-Saudi reconciliation inches forward...or does it?;
A warning over Iran's nuclear progress

Resource Security Watch No. 40

October 7, 2021

Crimean drought escalates tensions between Ukraine and Russia;
Climate change and the military;
Congress focuses on rare earths as part of infrastructure bill...;
...and in new legislation;
After withdrawal, a new contest over Afghanistan

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2498

November 29, 2021

Gazprom to Europe's rescue;
Navalny ally behind bars;
Prosecutors dismiss case against torture whistleblower;
U.S.-Ukrainian ties strengthen over Russian military concerns;
A new Russian missile system on the way?;
France frets over Wagner's potential deal in Mali