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September 21, 2022 Peter Garretson, Cody Retherford Space Policy Review

The Promise of Space-Based Solar Power

Commercial-level Space-based solar power (SSP) satellites will reduce dependence on fossil fuels, dramatically shift global energy markets, build economic and geopolitical influence, and accelerate military and space power projection.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 21

October 14, 2022

Kenya turns the page;
Tensions between Mali, Ivory Coast on the rise;
Movement towards compromise in Ethiopia's civil war?;
Landlocked nations eye Nigeria's new port;
What African publics really think about China

China Reform Monitor No. 1529

November 29, 2022

Xi: "Nuclear weapons must not be used";
Germany blocks two Chinese foreign investment deals;
China cancels EU chief's speech in Shanghai;
Island nations want China, India to help pay for climate damage;
Chinese women lose gains: World Economic Forum

Defense Technology Monitor No. 82

October 27, 2022

Defending commercial satellites;
Chinese solar drone takes flight;
British quantum submarine detection;
A new missile system for the army;
Target practice in space

Global Islamism Monitor No. 100

November 14, 2022

Turkey flirts with the Taliban;
...As the U.S. quietly provides aid;
ISIS eyes crypto;
...And threatens African energy;
Potential consolidation in the Palestinian arena

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 27

October 4, 2022

China's influence on the ascent in the South Pacific;
Manila weighs future steps in the shadow of Taiwan;
Suffocating debt imperils Laos' political future;
Canberra, Port Moresby respond to Beijing's encroachment

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 227

October 31, 2022

Special Issue: Iran's Anti-hijab protests
The basis for the crackdown;
Official conspiracy theories abound;
Iran's clerics contemplate cutting their losses;
The ethnic dimension of the protests;
Iranian officials eye the exits

Resource Security Watch No. 47

October 25, 2022

Drought, famine face Somalia;
China's drought drives the great power competition conversation;
On coal, Beijing sticks to the status quo;
Another casualty of Russia's war in Ukraine; fertilizer;
The fallout from the Nord Stream explosions

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2547

December 5, 2022

Iran's quid pro quo to the Kremlin;
Russia's mounting war costs;
...Spur something of a fire sale;
Putin faces mounting discontent at home;
Evolving American perceptions of Russia threat, aid to Ukraine

South Asia Strategy Monitor No. 3

November 29, 2022

Sino-Pakistani ties warm further;
Islamabad, back in the FATF's good graces;
Myanmar's military... and the network that sustains it;
A helping hand for the Taliban;
The troubled Afghanistan-Pakistan border