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Defense Dossier

The North Korean Threat Revisited

November 2018

How to Think About Denuclearizing North Korea
Understanding North Korea’s Internal Strategy
China’s Role in the North Korea Crisis
On the Outside Looking in: Russia and the Korean Peace Process
An Asian Preference for the Status Quo

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China Reform Monitor No. 1352

November 29, 2018

China's top man in Macao, RIP;
Beijing, Washington trade verbal barbs;
Keeping a closer eye on China's veterans;
Xinjiang's security spending boom;
Beijing meddling in Taiwan's midterms

Global Islamism Monitor No. 58

November 23, 2018

Sectarian divisions deepen in Nigeria;
The cost of Pakistani reform;
The pace of Palestinian terrorism;
Russian worries over Jihadist reconciliation

Resource Security Watch No. 16

August 2, 2018

New Mekong dam could damage regional fisheries;
CFC cheating...and its consequences;
Ebola outbreak in the Congo continues;
Nipah outbreak in Kerhala; Environmental issues stress Middle East

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2276

December 3, 2018

Behind the Kremlin's failed bid to control Interpol;
How Putin's cohort has enriched itself;
Russia and Israeli-Palestinian peace;
The opposition's case for arming the masses