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China Reform Monitor No. 1385

September 18, 2019

Xi officially named "The People's Leader";
Shenzhen to be turned into a "socialist demonstration area";
Beijing to Hong Kong: You are not "irreplaceable";
Taiwan pledges help for Hong Kong activists seeking sanctuary;
Taiwan is fighting China's travel ban

Global Islamism Monitor No. 70

September 4, 2019

Malaysia's religious police go digital;
ISIS rears its head in Spain;
A step forward for Egyptian counterterrorism...;
...amid new signs of life for Egyptian Salafism;
Islamabad seeks Beijing's support on threat finance blacklist

Resource Security Watch No. 21

August 13, 2019

India's deepening water crisis;
A global migration dilemma;
Europe feels the heat;
Melting Himalayas imperil Afghanistan;
Venezuela's gasoline crisis

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2336

September 17, 2019

Apathy in the face of Moscow's protests;
Tit-for-tat in post-INF world;
A bleak future for Russian orphans;
No Russian visas for Kremlin critics;
Yet another extraterritorial killing?;
New theory in Russian radiation release controversy