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June 15, 2021 Peter Garretson Defense Technology Program Brief

Clarifying the Planetary Defense Mission

Since 2005, Congress has recognized that an asteroid impact represents a serious threat to national security. Though Congress tasked NASA to survey hazardous asteroids larger than 140m by 2020, sixteen years later it remains incomplete.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 18

April 26, 2022

France rethinks its African footprint;
Mediation in Sudan is key to Egypt's security...; Khartoum leans towards Moscow;
Congo moves to regain control over Chinese-run mine;
China's digital silk road comes to Kenya

China Reform Monitor No. 1506

May 26, 2022

Xi moves to silence "zero Covid" critics...;
... as China censors who chief's criticism;
China cracks down on "illegal entry and exit";
A social media campaign against "historic nihilism";
China orders government, state firms to dump foreign PCs

Defense Technology Monitor No. 75

May 9, 2022

Performance of China's J-20 fighter jet stalls...;
... while Chinese railgun tech advances;
The benefits of stronger enamel;
Making body armor safer to bystanders;
Dusty defenses?

Global Islamism Monitor No. 97

January 21, 2022

Hezbollah plays politics in the Persian Gulf;
Iran's ideological divide;
Iraq repatriates ISIS refugees;
A reshuffled deck in Afghanistan…;
...and the Taliban's open door policy

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 25

May 24, 2022

Singapore defies neighbors, sanctions Moscow....;
... while Japanese PM swings through SE Asia to bolster unity;
Beijing eyes the South Pacific;
AUKUS expands;
How Delhi is planning to decouple from Moscow

Information Warfare Watch No. 12

March 8, 2022

Russia's reshuffled disinformation deck...;
...and hard times for Moscow's main messaging outlet;
The rise of Ukrainian persuasion;
China's disinformation campaign in Lithuania;
Iranian disinfo target Israeli unity

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 223

March 21, 2022

Assessing the Iranian threat…;
...and Tehran's strategic ambitions…; the White House mulls bringing the IRGC in from the cold;
the Islamic Republic versus the internet, continued;
Iranian-Saudi talks fizzle