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Africa Political Monitor No. 10

January 4, 2021

Uganda's electricity, South Sudan's benefit;
Beijing eyes Congo's mineral wealth;
Eritrea reportedly joins Ethiopian conflict...; border friction with Sudan flares anew;
Russia and Rwanda send troops to the Central African Republic;
Turkey moves ahead with drone sales to Tunisia

China Reform Monitor No. 1450

January 13, 2021

Kabul releases ten Chinese spies;
Beijing turns up the heat on Hong Kong Catholics;
NYSE reverses itself again, delists PRC telecoms;
China shifts from Russian to home-grown engines;
State lifts restrictions on contacts with Taiwan

Defense Technology Monitor No. 60

January 6, 2021

Robotic replacements for British troops;
China's new high-altitude exoskeleton;
6G just over the horizon;
Up next: Balloon battlestations;
Simulated weapons just got real

Global Islamism Monitor No. 83

November 18, 2020

France clamps down;
A massacre in Mozambique;
Societal shifts in the UAE;
Austrian authorities strike back;
Afghanistan: Continuity or change?

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 13

November 23, 2020

No end in sight for Thai protests;
Burmese elections disenfranchise minorities, despite high turnout;
Duterte waits for Biden;
China doubles down on Australia pressure campaign

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 212

November 20, 2020

Iran's deepening economic woes;
A strengthening Iranian hand in Yemen...;
...and a changing foothold in Syria;
The human rights issue comes of age;
Regional jitters over potential U.S. U-turn

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2436

January 6, 2021

November is the deadliest month;
Moscow clinic pushes for western vaccines;
A renewed focus on "foreign agents"
An energy  route to the Balkans;
Microsoft compromised in SolarWinds hack;
Targeted by terror, both at home and abroad