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June 15, 2021 Peter Garretson Defense Technology Program Brief

Clarifying the Planetary Defense Mission

Since 2005, Congress has recognized that an asteroid impact represents a serious threat to national security. Though Congress tasked NASA to survey hazardous asteroids larger than 140m by 2020, sixteen years later it remains incomplete.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 13

April 19, 2021

Baku's African arms trade;
Egypt moves forward with rail link to Sudan...;
...while signing an intelligence-sharing deal with Uganda;
Some clarity on Tigray;
A furor over French counterterrorism

China Reform Monitor No. 1467

June 16, 2021

White House: Engagement with China "has come to an end";
China allows three children amid fall in birth;
Fake COVID-19 vaccines pose new threat in Africa;
Arab countries are deporting Uyghurs to China;
Bush China Foundation takes $5 million from the CPC

Defense Tech Monitor No. 65

June 10, 2021

Brain-computer interfaces make monkey pong possible;
Thought-controlled exoskeletons;
Wanted: A space junk removal service;
Directed energy weapons of terror;
Countering the Chinese naval fleet

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 17

June 4, 2021

ASEAN struggles with response to Burma coup;
Indonesia's new "tank boat";
Tokyo plans to shatter defense spending ceiling;
China's infrastructure outreach to the Pacific Islands;
Manila rejects Beijing's unilateral fishing moratorium

Information Warfare Watch No. 3

June 24, 2021

Russia's web of disinformation;
Tehran's anti-semitic tropes;
Chinese disinformation targets Taiwan's tech sector;
Beijing's fake cheering section;
Washington takes aim at Iranian propaganda

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 218

June 23, 2021

* * * SPECIAL EDITION: Iran's 2021 election * * *

A coronation in Tehran...;
...amid clerical manipulation...;
...and widespread disaffection; 
The presidency as a stepping stone?

Resource Security Watch No. 37

April 16, 2021

More military focus on climate change;
Canada tackles climate change;
Afghanistan's dangerous illicit gold trade;
Planning for expanded access to the Arctic

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2470

June 23, 2021

A helping hand from Grozny;
A media noose gets tighter;
A mediocre summit in Switzerland;
China, Russian space officials lay plans for lunar station;
Moscow's vaccine push;
Russia encroaches on Baltic airspace