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April 25, 2023 Namrata Goswami American Foreign Policy Council

China’s Space Ambitions

Assessing China’s space program is vital to understanding how investments in space add to a country’s comprehensive national power.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 24

May 3, 2023

South Africa poised to deport thousands of Zimbabweans;
Zambia in trouble over Chinese debt;
Seeking press freedom in the Sahel;
Americans eye the exits as Sudan's civil war worsens;
Still hope for America in Africa

China Reform Monitor No. 1550

May 15, 2023

Hong Kong eliminates most elected seats;
Scholz's push for China port deal triggers pushback;
China cracks down on foreign firms, cuts their access to info;
Facing a lack of recruits, China revises conscription law;
U.S. Seeks to "De-risk" its relationship with China: Sullivan

Defense Technology Monitor No. 86

March 20, 2023

China focuses on laser mitigation;
Talking to hypersonics; 
The end of encryption?;
The problems with planetary defense;
A reusable interceptor for hypersonics?

Global Islamism Monitor No. 103

April 10, 2023

Meet the new (Al-Qaeda) boss;
The Abraham accords and Morocco's Islamist opposition;
A crackdown on Islamists in India;
An ISIS media presence in Malaysia

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 31

May 4, 2023

Biden, Yoon bolster American extended deterrence in South Korea;
Japan funds energy project on India’s strategic islands...;
...While Burma paves the way for Chinese planes;
Washington and Manila train to control critical waterway;
White House woos the Solomons, while Honiara delays elections

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 230

May 5, 2023

Iran's growing boldness on the high seas...
...And in cyberspace;
The shadowy domestic organization beating back Iran's protests;
Congressional pressure on Biden's Iran policy builds

South Asia Strategy Monitor No. 7

April 25, 2023

The divisive hunt for an Indian separatist;
Pakistan seeks to protect Chinese residents;
Japan's new indo-pacific plan;
Lithium find a mixed blessing in contested Kashmir