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Defense Dossier

Security Challenges in Ukraine

February 2018 Issue 21

In this issue, we take a look at Ukraine, a country at war, in order to bring attention to the open conflict that still rages in that country’s east, and the covert war taking place within the nation.

Latest In-House Bulletins

China Reform Monitor No. 1350

October 31, 2018

Making an example out of a movie star;
Interpol Head in Beijing's crosshairs;
Taipei looks for allies...;
...amid growing intimidation from the mainland;
Chinese nationalism no laughing matter

Defense Technology Monitor No. 33

October 23, 2018

The case for weapon-detecting Wi-Fi;
Pentagon seeks space sensors to counter hypersonics...;
...and eyes interception options;
Russia's chameleon combat force;
How AI aids electronic warfare

Global Islamism Monitor No. 57

October 24, 2018

China's controversial anti-Muslim campaign...;
...gets legal cover;
Egypt's Sinai strategy goes local;
Fears of an Islamic State drone Navy;
al-Qaeda expands its African presence

Resource Security Watch No. 16

August 2, 2018

New Mekong dam could damage regional fisheries;
CFC cheating...and its consequences;
Ebola outbreak in the Congo continues;
Nipah outbreak in Kerhala; Environmental issues stress Middle East

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2272

November 16, 2018

Kremlin ignores CBW deadline;
Unmasking the Wagner Group;
New sanctions hit Russia;
Growing signs of domestic discontent;
Moscow's man in Vienna