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China Reform Monitor No. 1401

January 9, 2020

China completes artificial island off Sri Lanka;
Laos seeks Chinese investment and tourists amid flurry if SEZs;
China's Cambodian port and airstrip stirs suspicions about PLA plans;
China's ''nine-dash line" claim "ridiculous": Malaysia FM;
Beijing's support for Micronesia may harm U.S. security links

Defense Technology Monitor No. 48

January 9, 2020

Adopting ant army maneuvers;
Iron man suit subsystems resurrected;
Nanotech enables hypersonic weapons development;
A new 3D printing technique for aerospace components;
Army sets its sights on tactical glasses

Global Islamism Monitor No. 74

December 23, 2019

Baghdadi's successor hits the ground running;
Some tentative liberalization in Sudan;
Turkey's ultimatum to Europe;
Algeria steps up counter-terror ops

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 4

January 17, 2020

China disrupts Mekong flow to force concessions;
Mongolia reaps the benefits the Xinjiang instability;
Cambodia's child labor problem;
Beijing's Hong Kong crackdown boomerangs in Taiwan;
North Korea's Kim threatens renewed missile tests

Resource Security Watch No. 23

December 27, 2019

A strategic minerals solution down under;
Indonesia's quicksilver and easy gold;
Global fires stifle logistics;
Temperatures rise and fish stocks thin


Russia Reform Monitor No. 2361

January 21, 2020

Police brutality against migrant workers spikes;
Memorial receives its 19th fine;
The Avangard deploys;
UN victory paves the way for greater cyber-repression;
U.S. assistance makes Russia safer