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The Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus

Svante E. Cornell AFPC Press

The geopolitical environment surrounding Central Asia and the Caucasus has changed dramatically over the past decade, with important implications for American and European interests. Regional and great powers have accorded the region ever greater attention, and the regional states themselves have developed a greater agency in responding to the geopolitical challenges confronting them. European, and in particular American, perceptions of the region have not kept up with these changes and are in need of updating.

Latest Policy Paper

December 14, 2023 Larry M. Wortzel American Foreign Policy Council

The Road to Taiwan’s 2024 Presidential Election

On January 13, 2024, the Republic of China, also known as “Nationalist China” and Taiwan, will hold its next presidential election. This will be the eighth direct election of a president in Taiwan, the first having been held in 1996. It will also be a contest that showcases the island’s changing identity politics, shifting political preferences, and potential security challenges. 

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Latest In-House Bulletins

Africa Political Monitor No. 29

January 3, 2024

Sudan's civil war causes a deepening humanitarian crisis; 
Kyiv tries an end run in Africa...; 
...As Moscow seeks to capitalize on declining U.S. popularity; 
France has left the building;

China Policy Monitor No. 1585

February 21, 2024

China's population will fall to 525 million by 2100; 
Thousands of Chinese migrants cross from Mexico into the U.S.; 
Qin Gang's lover was a British spy; Meta takes down more fake accounts based in China; 
Chinese scammers steal facial recognition data, access bank accounts

Defense Technology Monitor No. 95

January 30, 2024

Glass beats metal; 
Modernizing the F-35's missile; 
Forging stealthier stingers; 
Japanese readies its railguns; 
China's plans to upgrade its quantum satellites

Global Islamism Monitor No. 106

January 8, 2024

A radicalized Palestinian "street"...;
...Complicates Israel's plans for the "day after";
New signs of life to al-Qaeda;
The Taliban's war on women, continued

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 35

September 22, 2023

Tokyo Fights to Keep the Black Sea Deal Alive; 
Manila Pushes to Fast-Track Defense Sits for Washington;
With an Eye on Beijing, Canberra Calibrates Foreign Aid; 
Palau Empowers America to Police Its Waters

Information Warfare Watch No. 29

February 15, 2024

The Kremlin wages war on a free internet at home…; 
...And plans a new disinformation offensive in Europe…; 
...As European states hunker down; 
In the wake of 10/7, a surge of online antisemitism; 
Rise of the political deepfake

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 231

December 18, 2023

The (not so) Islamic Republic of Iran; 
Iran steps up pressure on Afghan refugees; 
Iran's regime doubles down on gender apartheid; 
The Iran-Hamas relationship, explained

Resource Security Watch No. 52

February 16, 2024

Water scarcity worsens conditions in Kashmir; 
Targeting Russia's revenue generator; 
A new source for critical minerals; 
Rising sea levels threaten the Marshall Islands... and U.S. basing

Russia Policy Monitor No. 2619

February 22, 2024

The Kremlin sidelines one political challenger…; 
...And eliminates another; 
After Navalny, a new leader of the Russian opposition?; 
Nuclear modernization: more complicated than it looks

South Asia Strategy Monitor No. 13

February 8, 2024

Revising the status of Jammu & Kashmir; 
American authorities thwart Indian assassination plan; 
India-Maldives row escalates; 
Playing politics with religion in India

Ukraine Reform Monitor No. 8

January 31, 2024

A microcosm of a rocky reconstruction; 
Steady progress in Ukraine's corruption fight; 
Nuclear chief under scrutiny; 
Robbing Ukraine's warfighters