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September 21, 2022 Peter Garretson, Cody Retherford Space Policy Review

The Promise of Space-Based Solar Power

Commercial-level Space-based solar power (SSP) satellites will reduce dependence on fossil fuels, dramatically shift global energy markets, build economic and geopolitical influence, and accelerate military and space power projection.

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Africa Political Monitor No. 21

October 14, 2022

Kenya turns the page;
Tensions between Mali, Ivory Coast on the rise;
Movement towards compromise in Ethiopia's civil war?;
Landlocked nations eye Nigeria's new port;
What African publics really think about China

China Reform Monitor No. 1536

January 25, 2023

China's Coast Guard patrols an Indonesian gas field;
Pakistan's Gwadar port locked down after protests;
India deploys stingers at China border;
FBI search escalates fight over China's overseas police outposts;
Hong Kong runs "deradicalization" program

Defense Technology Monitor No. 84

January 5, 2023

DARPA pushes limits on low satellite orbits;
Brain enhancement will have options;
DTRA automating decontamination;
Jointly countering hypersonics;
Russian exoskeleton development continues

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 29

December 30, 2022

Japan breaks from pacifist legacy, doubles defense spending;
Washington, Manila repair ties... with an eye on Beijing;
Democracies converge on Indonesia to offset China's influence;
China doubles down on Cambodian investments;
China's inaugural "Indian Ocean Forum" sidelines India

Information Warfare Watch No. 19

January 9, 2023

Moscow begins weaving a new narrative;
Needed: A fund for independent media;
Russia's new samizdat industry;
Tightening Kremlin restrictions on the internet

Iran Democracy Monitor No. 227

October 31, 2022

Special Issue: Iran's Anti-hijab protests
The basis for the crackdown;
Official conspiracy theories abound;
Iran's clerics contemplate cutting their losses;
The ethnic dimension of the protests;
Iranian officials eye the exits

Resource Security Watch No. 47

October 25, 2022

Drought, famine face Somalia;
China's drought drives the great power competition conversation;
On coal, Beijing sticks to the status quo;
Another casualty of Russia's war in Ukraine; fertilizer;
The fallout from the Nord Stream explosions

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2558

January 25, 2023

A domestic resistance rises;
The Kremlin redraws the map;
Medvedev wants to punish "traitors;"
Estonia eyes Russian assets;
Moscow has money to burn

South Asia Strategy Monitor No. 4

January 11, 2023

Amid border tensions with China, an Indian show of force;
Nepal elections usher in pro-China shift;
Pakistan becomes an oil client of the Kremlin;
Taliban-ISIS feud still simmers