Disinformation Wars- Episode 39: Pushing back against Russian propaganda

Related Categories: Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare; Intelligence and Counterintelligence; Public Diplomacy and Information Operations; Science and Technology; Russia
Related Expert: Ilan I. Berman

In this episode of DISINFORMATION WARS, host Ilan Berman speaks with former Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty president Thomas Kent regarding the strategic logic underlying Russia's weaponization of disinformation - and the things Western governments can do to neutralize Russia's informational advantage.

Thomas Kent teaches and consults on Russian affairs, journalism, and the problems of propaganda and disinformation. President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty until 2018, he now teaches at Columbia University and consults for governments, NGOs, and news organizations. He is a senior fellow of The Jamestown Foundation. Previously, he was Moscow bureau chief for the Associated Press, head of the AP’s international news coverage, and editor for standards and ethics.

Mentioned in this episode:

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