Great Power Podcast - Episode 25: Inaction is Complicity

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues; China
Related Expert: Michael Sobolik

In thi this week's episode of GREAT POWER PODCAST, host AFPC senior fellow Michael Sobolik interviews Julie Millsap about the last developments in the Chinese Communist Party's genocide of Uyghurs, the Biden administration's reprioritization of the issue, and what it portends for the future of US-China relations.

Guest biography

Julie Millsap serves as the Government Relations Manager at The Uyghur Human Rights Project. She became publicly involved in Uyghur advocacy in 2020, when she left China after 10 years residing and working in the Inner Mongolia region. She has also been a frequent collaborator with the World Uyghur Congress, Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project, and various other entities working on democracy promotion and human rights. During the course of her advocacy, she has met with government officials in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Canada, Germany, The Czech Republic, and the United States to raise the issues and discuss policy options to address the challenges posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and needed changes to stop Uyghur genocide. She is fluent in Mandarin and resides in the Washington D.C. area with her family.

Resources from the conversation

• Read Julie's tweet that sparked this interview

• Read Michael Martina's reporting in Reuters about the State Department's blocking of competitive actions targeting the CCP

Read Michael's coverage of the Biden administration's diplomatic sacrifices to secure Secretary Blinken's trip to Beijing

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