GREAT POWER PODCAST: Russia on Ukraine’s Doorstep - Again

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Related Expert: Michael Sobolik, Victoria Coates

In this episode of GREAT POWER PODCAST, host Michael Sobolik speaks with Victoria Coates, Distinguished Fellow in Strategic Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC), about Russia's war threats against Ukraine, the related energy politics of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and what the road ahead could look like.

Guest Biography

Victoria Coates joined the American Foreign Policy Council as a Distinguished Fellow in Strategic Studies in January 2022. Coates works on regional issues such as energy policy, countering predatory Chinese activity, expanding the historic Abraham Accords between Israel and Muslim-majority nations, and establishing a U.S.-led Middle East strategic alliance. Coates routinely appears on TV and radio outlets such as Fox News and CNN. Her writing has appeared in Bloomberg,, The Jerusalem Post, The New York Post, Newsweek, The National Interest, National Review, The New Criterion, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, and The Washington Times.

Coates previously served as the Deputy National Security Advisor for the Middle East and North Africa on the National Security Council staff and the Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of Energy in the Donald J. Trump administration.  She also served as the National Security Advisor in the office of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and as Director of Research for (former) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s 2011 memoir, Known and Unknown. 

Coates holds a B.A. from Trinity College, a M.A. from Williams College, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, all in art history.  Coates is the author and presenter of dozens of publications and conference papers worldwide on the intersections of art and history, including David’s Sling: A History of Democracy in Ten Works of Art (Encounter Books, 2016).

Resources from the Conversation

Read about Russia's military deployments along Ukraine's borders Read Donald Rumsfeld's book, Known and Unknown: A Memoir Read about Senator Ted Cruz's position on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline Read about Senate Democrats and their position on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline Read Victoria's book, David's Sling: A History of Democracy in Ten Works of Art Follow Victoria's work at AFPC Follow Victoria on Twitter.