AFPC’s Michaël Tanchum asks in CACI article, “Has Turkey Outfoxed China in Azerbaijan to become a rising Eurasian power?”

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Military Innovation; Warfare; China; Turkey; Caucasus

"Turkey's decision to provide an unprecedented level of military assistance to Azerbaijan empowered Baku to achieve a resounding victory in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War, changing the geopolitical rules of the game in the South Caucasus. Moreover, the war has enhanced Ankara's ability to project its influence in Central Asia. Benefiting from its inclusion in the Chinese-led BRI network of connectivity across Central Asia, Turkey may have outfoxed China in Azerbaijan to become a rising Eurasian power. Although Russia now has to tolerate the presence of Turkish troops on Azerbaijani soil, China may be the big strategic loser in the war's outcome".

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