The Next SIMNET? Unlocking the Future of Military Readiness Through Synthetic Environments

Related Categories: Intelligence and Counterintelligence; Military Innovation; Science and Technology; Warfare
Related Expert: Jennifer McArdle

"As the United States works to overhaul its readiness reporting system, the time is ripe to employ these future synthetic worlds to unlock new analytic insights, while also improving overall military effectiveness. Indeed, such an ecosystem should allow the military to better answer that wicked question: Are they prepared for the future fight?"

The authors, taking a look at current and former defense technology, point that better organization and completely modernized safety can be the tommorrow of the United States' military. 

"The Department of Defense can do better. After all, technology already exists to support a different, and more powerful, military readiness ecosystem. Acquiring the “SIMNET of military readiness” is not solely a technical challenge. Rather, it requires organizational change and vision."

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