Afghanistan: The Opportunity Within Adversity

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Terrorism; Afghanistan

AFPC Senior Fellow Dr. Elie Krakowski is now completing a year-long project on American policy options in Afghanistan. Dr. Krakowski’s analysis explores problems facing the U.S. in the course of our war on terrorism. These include the prospect of mounting regional instability and the possible breakup of Pakistan as a nation.

Dr. Krakowski’s research involved extensive travel to most countries sharing borders with Afghanistan, including China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. While in the region, Krakowski was able to interview senior officials and others with influence, including the late Ahmed Shah Masood, Commander of the Northern Alliance/United Front, and senior members of Afghanistan’s Taliban regime.

Preliminary findings of this timely study are already being circulated among the highest levels of the administration and, in abbreviated form, have appeared in both print and broadcast media. Krakowski’s findings are expected to appear for public consumption in a major academic journal.