Dictator Demise Study

June 28, 2019 Amanda Azinheira

The Dictator Demise study was conducted in association with Post Putin: Seccession, Stability, and Russia's Future by Herman Pirchner and a condensed version is found in that book's appendix (referenced therein as the Azinheira study). 

Post Putin

May 1, 2019 Herman Pirchner, Jr., Amanda Azinheira

Now in apparent robust health, Russian President Vladimir Putin (age 66) could remain in power for another decade or even longer.

Is Russia Going to War Against the Internet?

March 15, 2019 Amanda Azinheira The National Interest

The Sovereign Internet Bill, which recently passed its first reading in Russia’s parliament, calls for the creation of a Russian Domain Name System (DNS) and would require all web traffic to be routed through state-controlled servers. If passed, the bill would make it much, much easier for the Kremlin to control the dissemination of information entering and leaving the country.