AFPC president Herman Pirchner, Jr. participates in a panel discussion marking the publication of his book, Post Putin, in Ukrainian.

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On October 27, AFPC president Herman Pirchner, Jr. participated in a panel discussion marking the publication of his book, Post Putin, in Ukrainian. Interpreted into Ukrainian by the UCU Analytical Center, Post Putin examines scenarios regarding the Russian Federation’s future development after the end of Putin's rule.

The book raises a number of complex but very timely questions:

- How will President Putin end his rule? - How will various Russian institutions decide and act (the army, the Interior Ministry, the FSB, and regional elites and oligarchs)?

- How will other external players respond to these events, especially the USA, EU and China?

- What may be the consequences of different scenarios of change of power in Russia for its neighbors (including Ukraine and Central Asian states), as well as for Russia's domestic policy?

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Herman Pirchner, Jr. is the Founding President of the American Foreign Policy Council (Washington, D.C.), a prominent think tank in America and beyond, recognized for its work on Russia, South Asia, Middle East and China, as well as global issues including Hybrid and cyber warfare. He has studied Russia since 1982 and authored several books on Russia's foreign and domestic policy. His book "Post Putin" was published in the United States in 2019 and is widely received as an important contribution to preparing for a world without the infamous and sempiternal Russian dictator.

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