CACI forum with fall 2019 Rumsfeld Fellows - Intra-Regional trade in CAMCA region: Current Trends and Growing Opportunities

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Energy Security; International Economics and Trade; Central Asia; Caucasus; Afghanistan
Related Expert: David Soumbadze, S. Frederick Starr

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
Middle East Institute
1763 N Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20036

The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at AFPC  presents this Fall's team of Rumsfeld Fellows, emerging leaders from the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Central Asia  - or 'CAMCA Region.' The fellows will discuss emerging new trends in intra-regional trade flows, and will look at products and services which have the greatest potential to boost regional economic integration.  

Fall 2019 Rumsfeld Fellows include:

  • Ms. Ellaha Shaheen (Afghanistan) Market Access Negotiator at the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the World Trade Organization
  • Mr. Aram Pinajyan (Armenia) Deputy CEO and Chief Risk Officer at HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC
  • Ms. Rasmina Gurbatova (Azerbaijan) Founder, Owner and Designer of Resm Jewelry
  • Ms. Nona Mamulashvili (Georgia) Founder and Chairwoman of the Caucasus Economic Policy Institute
  • Ms. Rusudan Mamatsashvili (Georgia) First Deputy Head at the National Tourism Administration of Georgia
  • Ms. Dinara Chaizhunussova (Kazakhstan) Chairman of the Board of Trustees of “Bolashak” Corporate Foundation
  • Mr. Ruslan Assaubayev (Kazkahstan) Managing Partner and Regional Development Director at Korkem Telecom
  • Mr. Mirbek Asangariev (Kyrgyzstan) Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of eco-friendly business Hotel “Bridges” in Bishkek
  • Mr. Batzaya Batsaikhan (Mongolia) Co-founder and CEO of Unread Media
  • Ms. Enkhzul Dambajantsan (Mongolia) Chief Operating Officer of the Mongolian Stock Exchange
  • Mr. Shuhrat Mirzoev (Tajikistan) Managing Partner and Founder of IRSHAD Consulting LLC
  • Mr. Sardor Mukhamedaliev (Uzbekistan) Chief Business Development Officer of the Swiss-based leading online shopping marketplace ZoodMall

Moderator:  S. Frederick Starr, Chairman, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at AFPC