Disinformation Wars: Episode 20 - How Iran is influencing Israeli society

Related Categories: Intelligence and Counterintelligence; Public Diplomacy and Information Operations; Terrorism; Iran; Israel
Related Expert: Ilan I. Berman

In this episode of DISINFORMATION WARS, host Ilan Berman talks to Israeli disinformation specialist Moshe Kwiat about recent terror attacks in Israel - and how they are linked to a broader Iranian media campaign to destabilize the country. 

MOSHE KWIAT is an open source intelligence analyst specializing in disinformation, and a graduate researcher at Reichman University. He is a captain in the IDF reserves, and has worked on counterterrorism and international relations for Israel's Ministry of Public Security and the Israeli Ministry of Defense. His research and writing have appeared in such publications as the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, The Times of Israel, and The Jerusalem Post.