Space Strategy - Episode 35: Gen. John Shaw: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea - Space as a Military Area of Responsibility

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Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode, Senior Fellow Peter Garretson interviews Lieutenant General John E. Shaw, Deputy Commander of United States Space Command (USSPACECOM). They begin by explaining the role and responsibilities of USSPACECOM. They examine Gen. Shaw's new article, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Space as a Military Area of Responsibilities (AOR), including its key propositions: the importance of Earth; the insufficiency of the term "global"; the need to re-imagine strategic terrain (upwell, downwell, cislunar); and the importance of the AOR to everyone. They detail the role of a COCOM in peace and in war. Next, they discuss the utility of a naval / maritime analogy for Spacepower, and the potential new missions. They touch on Gen. Shaw's book, Whither Space Power, and where it has proved prescient. They outline interagency challenges ahead such as rescue of space tourists and deflecting asteroids—including a recent NASA-FEMA-USSF-USSPACEOM tabletop exercise (TTX). Finally, they conclude with a vision of humanity's future in space if we play our cards right, and an invitation to young people to join the adventure through service in the United States Space Force.

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