Space Strategy - Episode 14: Dr. “Coyote” Smith: Space Force Mission is a better tomorrow.

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Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode, Senior Fellow in Defense Studies Peter Garretson interviews Dr. M.V. "Coyote" Smith, a leading intellectual father of the Space Force, spacepower advocate, and professor of strategic studies at the Department of Spacepower's Schriever Scholars, where he educates America's Future Space Strategists. They discuss the Schriever Scholars Strategy Seminar, the increasing strategic importance of space, and space as a domain of commerce. They explore the needs and rationale for the Space Force and the continued need to drive toward full departmental independence. Dr. Smith provides an overview of spacepower theory and book recommendations for those interested in spacepower. They also touch on advanced propulsion, active debris removal, space solar power and planetary defense. They examine the value of bold, risk-taking leadership, and its role in innovative thought such as the NSSO Space Solar Power report and Fast Space Report. Finally, they outline the expanded roles and mission, actions available to the Administration and Congress, and the long-term mission of the Space Force.


The Grand Vision:

America Needs a Space Corps

Avoiding the Dragon's Trap (national debt & space resources

Schriever Scholars

Space Solar Power Study


SSP Library

FAST Space Study

Billion Year Plan

AFRL's new Primer on Cislunar Space:

Rocket Cargo:

Book Recommendations
SpacePower: What it Means to You

Space 2.0

The Space Barons


Spacepower Ascendant: Space Development Thoery

Space is Open for Business

Major Spacepower Theory Books Discussed






Scramble for the skies


Whither Spacepower

Earthrise Photo

Blue marble Photo

National Space Society

Space Frontier Foundation

Sen Bob Smith The Challenge of Spacepower 1999

Rumsfeld Space Commission

Case for Space: The Air University Scholar Proposal for Space Force Legislation