Space Strategy - Episode 34: Howard Bloom: The Infrastructure of Imagination: Garden the Solar System, Green the Galaxy

Related Categories: Energy Security; Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues; International Economics and Trade; Military Innovation; Science and Technology; SPACE; NASA; China; Russia
Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode, Senior Fellow Peter Garretson interviews best-selling author Howard Bloom and founder of the Space Development Steering Committee. They discuss fundamental motivations for developing and settling space—humanity's destiny—and the roles that NASA and the Space Force are called to play to support that purpose. They focus on how to balance near-term threats and priorities vs. the power of Cislunar to determine the future. Howard discusses the opportunity cost of the current expandable architecture, and the possibilities suggested by reusable systems like a SpaceX’s Starship. He ends with an urgent plea to the Administration to get Starship flying without delay.

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