Space Strategy - Episode 40: Gen. Chance Saltzman: Competitive Endurance, Proposing a ‘Theory of Success’ for the Space Domain

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Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode, Peter Garretson meets with General Chance Saltzman, Chief of Space Operations (CSO) for the United States Space Force. They discuss the role of CSO within the broader space ecosystem, and the opportunities and threats that occupy his thoughts. They examine the changes in the space domain, and how to respond to a contested domain. They touch on 'theories of success' and 'theories of victory.' Gen Saltzman discusses "Competitive Endurance" and its tenets of: 1) avoiding operational surprise; 2) denying first-mover advantage; and 3) responsible counterspace campaigning. They go in-depth on counterspace campaigning and its relationship to deterrence, integrated campaigning, and implications for the security dilemma. They delve into how adversary space systems now have the capability to enable targeting of U.S. forces. Followed by a discussion on offense and defense, its meaning, how technology has shifted the balance in military history, and in the space domain. They converse about what the concept of 'denying first mover advantage' means and what it does not, and its relationship to deterrence and stability. They go over the USSF mission statement and just what it means to 'Protect the interests of the United States in Space" as enshrined in US Code Title X. They discuss requirement to access, control and exploit space his three lines of effort (LOEs): 1) Fielding Combat Ready Forces; 2) Amplifying the Guardian Spirit; and 3) Partnering to Win. Gen Saltzman ends with a message to junior Guardians and a powerful recruiting message to join the Space Force.

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CSIS Theory of Success: A Conversation with General Saltzman

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