Space Strategy - Episode 6: A Spacepower Marathon: Maximizing Total National Spacepower

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Related Expert: Peter Garretson

A Spacepower Marathon: Maximizing Total National Spacepower
In this episode, Senior Fellow Peter Garretson interviews spacepower theorist Dr. Brent Ziarnick.  In this marathon discussion, they cover the origins of Space Force, the foundations of spacepower theory, the founding and curriculum of the Space Force's Schriever Scholar Strategy Seminar, "bluewater" and "brownwater" philosophies of spacepower, the criticality of rank and reserves to agility and boldness, the military utility of heavy re-usable lift like Starship, the possibility of Space Force Astronauts, the grand destiny of American spacefaring, strategic will, and what the Space Force must "be prepared to" do.

Schriever Scholars Strategy Seminar

Space Force Journal (SFJ) and Dr. Ziarnick's Guide to Spacepower

Book: Developing National Power in Space

Strategic Vision and Futures

Bluewater & Brownwater Spacepower Philosophies & the Battle for the Soul of the Space Force


The Importance of the Reserves Reserve

Book: To Rule the Skies: General Thomas Power and the Rise of the Strategic Air Command in the Cold war