Space Strategy Podcast - Episode 42: Jim Bridenstine: The Space Renaissance—Marshaling Space Commercialization in a Virtuous Cycle of Innovation

Related Categories: Military Innovation; Missile Defense; Science and Technology; SPACE; NASA
Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode Peter Garretson has a discussion with former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. They delve into the strategic importance of space to our economy and security and counter-space threats. They review how Bridenstine got into space via the Rocket Racing League, how his interests in promoting commercial space resulted in his introducing the Space Renaissance Act while in Congress. The two discuss the big ideas for Cislunar contained in his 2016 policy speech, This is Our Sputnik Moment. They cover how he moved ideas from the Google Lunar XPrize to create the NASA CLPS program. They address the creation of Artemis Program goals for a sustainable presence on the Moon and on the progress of Planetary Defense. They discuss the DIME (Diplomatic Informational Military Economic) theory of national power, and the roles that NASA, the commercial sector, and the Space Force play, including the creation of an economic and industrial base to win economic and strategic competition in the space domain. Additionally, they assess the naval-like role for the United States Space Force. They conclude talking about the informational and public diplomacy aspect of spacepower, how PRC initiatives in Lunar infrastructurespace nuclear power, and space solar power satellites and demos, and the need for the US to continue to reach for big audacious projects which impress the world.